Mar 232011

Exploring the Desolation can certainly drain one’s endurance. So it pleases me that Rajas is coming along to keep me company while I search the Shattered Ravines. As we left the nearby outpost, large tendrils, a reminder of Abaddon’s corruption, caught our attention. I can see why so many adventurers dislike straying from the beaten path. Even the strongest of warriors succumb to his taint, remaining in a state of madness.
Rajas and I have personal items that we keep to reinforce our will to bring him down. Rajas has a miniature grey giant that a child dropped while evacuating from Vabbi. It reminds him of all the innocent lives that we, as adventurers, are committed to protecting. I have a written account (this journal), to remind me of the evils I have triumphed over in the past.

The sulfurous ravines are quite extensive here, almost like a road system for junundu wurms. It was here, along one of these paths that we fought the elder wurms, allowed our hosts to consume their flesh, and taught our junundu a powerful technique.

We investigated this small section, where strange swaying bone-like tendrils begin. I also spotted one of Zehtuka’s jugs of ale, but in the fight with a desert wurm the container broke.

A surprising amount of the Shattered Ravines is either sulfur or soft sand, so we can take our junundu almost everywhere. Encountering several groups of enemies at once isn’t even a threat.

Looking out eastward, it is impossible to mAbaddonss the moon. It is a weird feeling to realize that Elonian pilgrims at this campsite looked up at the same moon on their journey.

Behind us looking to the east, there is a large abandoned city. I’m sure that if we could find a way across, there would be some ghosts with stories to tell us. Or perhaps it is filed with vengeful ghosts that feel that Turai Ossa led them to an early grave.

High above the ravines, on a hill we caught a good look at the area. While I enjoy the sights of the Shattered Ravines, the absence of wildlife sounds is unsettling.

These bones are huge! I know that the ancient giants were big but not this big. For a moment I paused to think if Grenth himself put bones on Tyria just to keep us guessing. Gods aren’t that cruel are they? Maybe they are just whale bones.

There is another abandoned settlement on the far eastern edge of the area. This one has been ravaged with Abaddon’s black tendrils.

Today’s exploration went so well that Rajas offered to help me explore the two remaining areas. I waited until that moment to remind him of a quest I picked up earlier in the Lair of the Forgotten. Vissh Rakissh pleaded with me to recover the Staff of the Mists from a margonite lord. I suppose its cruel of me to only mention this detail now, but I have given Rajas enough time to skip town. *laughs*

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items, one ritualist tome
Outposts: Lair of the Forgotten
Exits: Joko’s Domain, The Alkali Pan, The Ruptured Heart
Friends: Rajas I.