Mar 032010

Over a millenia ago, a river flowed through Destiny’s Gorge all the way to Thirsty River. Now all that remains is a shallow pool of water and the steep rocky hills. I find it hard to believe that the entire Crystal Desert used to be known as the Crystal Sea, because it is such a dramatic difference.

Since this is one of the more enjoyable areas of the Crystal Desert, I found it easy to get my friends involved. My two new friends Brother E. and D.R. Kalira, as well as Nox.

We tried to plan a trap for the Hydras by hiding behind a sole hand from a fallen statue as they would pass by. However they foiled our plans by roaming in the opposite direction. *sigh*

Ahh, here is the passage into Skyward Reach. I remember seeing the other side of this not too long ago when I was in that area.

I found an inaccessible area near the way to Skyward Reach. There seems to be a teleporter platform that leads in here, but it doesn’t have any switches.

Another head from a female warrior statue, I wonder if there were any other kinds of large statues in the desert. Did the designer of these have a crush on a particular warrior or something?

Centaurs roam the lower levels where you can actually find water and plant life.

Are the added bones supporting the bridge walkway, or are they just for decoration?

At the southern most point of The Scar, we found the entry into the Thirsty River mission.

Brother E. pointed out two bleached bones for us during the exploration, here are the journal entries found on them:

“The sores that cover my body have begun to ooze yellow fluid, and the fever keeps me unconscious much of the time. The children come and go, spooning weak broth into me as though it might do some good, but we all know that my time is near. The quill shakes in my hand, and the words swim on the parchment before me. I expect this will be my last entry. Who will look after my family when I am gone?”

“They’re out here, just watching us. Waiting until we fall asleep so they can take our teeth. But I won’t let them. I resolved three days ago not to sleep until we find the old boat wreckage at the end of the dry riverbed. They’ll not catch me with my eyes closed. They’ll not get my teeth. They’re mine. All mine.” – Found on top of a mountain.

The Crystal Desert is so dry, that even standing in the shade can cool you off.

Upon seeing the remains of ship masts, I commented that all the death in the desert reminded me of how Ascalon looks now. Brother E. replied that it feels much worse for him because the destruction is so recent in his memories.

With three heroes from Ascalon by my side, the foes in this area quickly fell to our might. I commended my friends on such a quick and thorough exploration of The Scar (and I gave my pet, Lucky, a treat afterwards)!

Prized spoils: Four golden items
Outposts: Destiny’s Gorge, Thirsty River
Exits: Skyward Reach
Friends: Nox, Brother E., D.R. Kalira, Lucky (my pet Phoenix)