Mar 282011

Now that I’m at the final unexplored area of the Desolation, I’m starting to dread what lies ahead. Even as Rajas and I entered the Ruptured Heart, the sight of the Mouth of Torment makes me feel ill. When we fought Varesh, Abaddon’s mask, hand and broken sword were visible. Nearing her defeat, everything was sucked into a portal, which crashed down leaving a huge hole in the Mouth of Torment. I bring this up because in the Ruptured Heart, you can still see the god of secret’s mask, hand and broken sword. Rajas thought this may just be an illusion.

Standing there next to Rajas and looking into the Mouth of Torment, the day I fought Varesh came back to me. At first she looked a bit sickly, and when you beat her first form she came back looking more twisted than ever. I couldn’t even believe it was Varesh anymore; it looked like I was fighting a margonite!

Minutes passed until I pulled myself back together. I suppose the battle with Varesh has changed me. If a moment like that can traumatize me, I hate to think about what a full tour of Torment will do.

I felt my mind clear when we stepped away from the Mouth of Torment. Nearing the entrance to the Crystal Overlook, I noticed more giants. It is too bad they are quite small compared to those “giant’s bones” I keep seeing everywhere. Not that I’d want to fight one, but seeing one alive would be incredible!

This area is quite vast. It connects with so many other parts of the Desolation that I’ve been through. It is no surprise that it also connects with the Ruins of Morah. That was the outpost I prepared in before the attack on Varesh while she concentrated on the last ritual.

Why does the Desolation have so many strange lights? This one is a beam of light, that slowly fades and then shines brightly for a moment.

Looking down into a ravine, I saw a lot of these thorny tree-like things. I don’t really know if it is a natural occurrence or something triggered by Abaddon.

Rajas and I have traveled around the whole area now. The north is mostly soft sand with a few wurm spoors. I found the sky to be the most interesting feature of this section. It reminds me of the time I spent in the Vulture Drifts.

There is only one stretch of sulfurous haze we could take our junundu wurms to.

Rajas and I found some buried treasure at the end of the sulfurous haze section. Someone must have hid it so you’d need a wurm to get here. Although, don’t you need a wurm to cross the Desolation anyways?

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Ruins of Morah, The Mouth of Torment
Exits: The Alkali Pan, Crystal Overlook, The Shattered Ravines, Poisonous Outcrops
Friends: Rajas I.