Jan 162011

Since visiting Gandara, the Moon Fortress and the Barbarous Shore, it has become more difficult to have a moment of peace. While I was freeing Kormir in Gandara, another set of adventurers aided Master of Whispers in this area. A demonic creature named the Drought was corrupting the Elon river. After it was located deep within the waterworks, we have been tasked with finding a way into Vabbi. I’ve yet to explore all of Kourna, but I must push on and put an end to Varesh’s plans. Luckily I have a few hours before we delve into Moddok Crevice, so Elwin, Ikk and I are going to explore the Floodplain of Mahnkelon. As we walked out the gates of Kodonur Crossroads, we noticed some “Kournan apartments” that were carved into the mountain above us.

Walking along the southern edge, we spotted this small dock. It looks like an outpost of some sort, but you need a boat to get there.

Moving onto the waterworks area, its hard not to appreciate all of the work it takes to run this.

Large bones sit at the bottom of the waters in front of the main compound. I wonder if it has anything to do with similar bones found in Tyria.

A nervous man waved to us as we approached the waterworks. He wanted us to deal with a ghost that was scaring the workers here. I’ve encountered many ghosts before. I don’t see why he is so spooked. We gladly took on his request so that the workers could get back to their posts and keep the waterworks up and running.

Is this his idea of a ghost? What a joke! Yartu the djinn explained that it was just trying to scare off the Kournan guards. With the Drought defeated, it wants to keep the land free of corruption by eliminating future threats. Since we couldn’t turn down an offer to kill Varesh’s minions for a reward, we agreed to Yartu’s request.

The architecture of the waterworks is beautiful. Even a simple doorway captures your attention.

Further along, we found an ornate fountain. Golden cranes seemed a bit out of place against the humble background of the rocky terrain.

While we killed the Kournan guards inside the compound, the workers carried on with their business. Most of them refused to talk with us and those that did called us traitors.

Visiting the waterworks makes the rest of Kourna look dull in comparison. So much work has been put into the beauty of this structure. Its also enjoyable to look into the waters and listen to the soothing rhythm of the water pumps.

Clearing the Kournan guards out of the waterworks led us to this area. We couldn’t help but play in the mist.

Outside the waterworks compound, everything is so arid. When we approached a rocky bridge, a large group of spiders descended upon us. We recovered some lovely silken spider webs from their hiding spot.

As with the Barbarous Shore, we walked into an empty field and were ambushed by Mandragors. I wonder if the reason there are no Dredge in Elona is due to the large population of the deep burrowing Mandragors.

Houses built into the cliffside must have been built intentionally to blend in with nature, which reminded me of the Druid dwellings in Maguuma Jungle.

After a long day of exploring and killing enemies that got in our way, we reached this secluded spot. A merchant named Totando has set up shop here. I wouldn’t think that the Kournan military uses his services much. He must be willing to deal with Corsairs, especially since we are so close to Moddok Crevice; a camp for smugglers.

Prized Spoils: 6 golden items
Outposts: Kodonur Crossroads, Rilohn Refuge, Moddok Crevice
Exits: Jahai Bluffs
Friends: Elwin L., Ikk D. E.