Feb 182012

Reiko and the Ministry of Purity have been gaining momentum, but Miku and I have been exploring more options to dissolve their organization. One of Miku’s goals was to track down Jinnai and find out what actually happened on the day the afflicted attacked Tahnnakai Temple. We’re hoping that this information could either fracture the Ministry of Purity or at least convince the people of Cantha not to support them. After tying up a few loose ends, Miku alerted me of Jinnai’s location. Unfortunately the Ministry of Purity’s recent movement in that area also indicated we had little time to reach him.

Miku and I rushed to Jinnai’s side but we were soon surrounded by several Ministry of Purity groups. It was a rough battle. Every time we killed one group they were replaced by another. When we had finally endured their onslaught, Jinnai had but only a few words to say to us. Ashu’s survival was not a miracle performed by the gods, he was found barely alive by Jinnai. After Ashu received treatment, he was given over to the last surviving family member: Reiko. From here the story becomes more familiar, every year Reiko kept playing up Ashu’s miraculous survival up until today.

This is a wonderful revelation but I still see a major flaw in Miku’s plan. The Ministry of Purity is already willing to fight to the death for Reiko’s plan; why would they trust what we have to say when it is so contrary to their indoctrination? Even the people of Cantha may not trust our word on this matter. I shared my concerns with Miku, but the conversation with Jinnai has enraged her. She wants to strike at Reiko when she is off guard and hopefully alone. I agree that killing Reiko would be helpful, but wouldn’t the Ministry of Purity just turn on us? With each step I take in this conflict, I seem to just be making more enemies than friends.

While I wait on Miku to alert me of our next opportunity, Guardsman Qao Lin requested my aid. He had caught wind of a call to all criminals throughout Tyria to meet in Shadow’s Passage. The call went out as far as Elona, Kryta, and the Shiverpeaks. It would be surprising to see criminals from all organizations in Tyria working together, but the threat is real and I was asked to infiltrate the meeting.

Dressed as a charming peacekeeper, I spoke with a few other criminals before Reisen of the Jade Brotherhood and Apep of the Am Fah made their speech. At this moment, the Ministry of Purity has left Kaineng City and therefor it is vulnerable to attack. Reisen and Apep invited everyone to help them sack the city and turn it into “An empire for criminals, by criminals!”

After the speech, the peacekeeper group finally took notice of me and alerted everyone that I was an impostor. I had very little time to make a run for it and alert Guardsman Qao Lin of their intentions.

Even though I was able to bring word of the attack, all of the criminals sped up their plans. We had to defend Kaineng Center moments after I delivered the news. At first my party was able to hold the enemies at the main gates, but eventually the criminals started pouring in from the docks and we had to retreat.

Retreating may sound like I was starting to lose the battle, but my position forced the criminals to convene on one spot. Along with Guardsman Qao Lin and his forces, we picked off the groups as they bottlenecked themselves on the stairs on either side of us. Fighting wave after wave of criminals, we finally faced Reisen and Apep in battle. Their deaths brought an end to the foreign criminals and their plans to overtake the city.

Left with a bitter taste in their mouths from the failed take over of Kaineng Center, all of the criminals took to the city streets and started assaulting and pillaging city dwellers. Guardsman Qao Lin directed me to save everyone from the criminals while he and the other guards held off any other attacks to Kaineng Center.

Our fears of the untold violence against commoners was washed away when I entered Bukdek Byway. I found every able bodied commoner not only fighting the criminals, but holding their ground and killing them! Now my priority was to help them turn the tide of battle, see to it that no one died, and provide additional healing and protection where needed.

When all the criminals had been killed or pushed out of the city, a high ranking member of the Jade Brotherhood, Eri, Heart of Fire approached me. Instead of attacking, she damned me for chasing away all of their hopes for defeating the Ministry of Purity. She was not driven by Reisen or Apep’s plans, but to avenge the death of someone close to her. In her eyes this motive to get at the Ministry of Purity justifies her actions with the Jade Brotherhood. As she walked away I could not bring myself to feel any pity for her. If she truly wanted to stop the Ministry of Purity, why didn’t she join the Imperial Guard or ally with me. In the end, we’re both murders, but I choose to work with people who do not meet their goals by killing commoners and the Imperial Guards who protect them.

Still waiting on word from Miku, I took on another request by Guardsman Qao Lin. Our ally Xin Ji had organized a peaceful protest against the Ministry of Purity, but of course Reiko cannot allow this and has put an order out to kill them. Due to the bureaucracy involved with halting the order, Qao Lin has asked me to move the protesters before they are murdered for spreading dissent.

Xin Ji was not surprised to learn about the Ministry of Purity’s orders, but it did take some persuading to get the group moving. I don’t blame her for wanting to take a stand, but if she dies no one will ever hear about opposing views of the Ministry of Purity.

Zei Ri blocked us on the bridge to Xaquang Skyway. He was furious at my actions against his organization and said I brought nothing but trouble to them and Cantha. However upon learning that the people I protected were peaceful protestors, and that Reiko ordered their deaths, he allowed us to pass and felt obligated to buy us some time.

As we passed him I wondered why more members did not behave the same way. What about all of those members that Reiko sent to kill these protestors or the tengu. How could they set aside their morals to execute Reiko’s orders? It is at times like this that I feel even if we remove Reiko from the Ministry of Purity, her members will stick to the plans already set in motion.

As soon as I arrived to report the success of my last mission, Guardsman Qao Lin had yet another task for me. Sensali tengu were gathering in large numbers for an attack on Shing Jea Monastery. The news deeply shook me, because as a young woman I had trained there and personally knew most of the current headmasters. It filled me with rage to hear that the Ministry of Purity had better things to do, like hunt down a few gang members while everyone at the monastery was going to be slaughtered! Needless to say, immediately after hearing this troubling news I left for Shing Jea.

When I arrived, Mhenlo greeted me and it was here for the first time that I learned of his promotion to replace Togo as the monastery headmaster. I would have liked to congratulate him, but the tengu started to pour into the monastery shortly after we spoke.

Together with the help of the monastery headmasters and the bombs constructed by apprentice Zhi, we were able to endure the Sensali tengu’s assault. I had never seen them attack in such great numbers, and they kept coming at us wave after wave. It really pushed us to our limits just to fight back and persevere. It filled me with great pride to save the monastery, and I don’t know how I’d be able to cope with the guilt had I not made it here in time.

Now after the last wave of Sensali tengu was defeated, reports of the Ministry of Purity’s arrival came in. I found it very convenient that they decided to show up after the monastery would have fallen. It seems like this was their plan all along, just to vilify all tengu and gain support for their extermination. Rather than deal with the Ministry of Purity, I returned to Guardsman Qao Lin where I learned that Miku had been looking for me.

Miku discovered the location of a garden where Reiko and Ashu traveled to that was not heavily guarded. Their secret no doubt created a false sense of security, and we were more than happy to exploit this chance to strike at Reiko.

Our timing was perfect. No one was alerted of our presence and we watched Reiko in the distance for a short time to make sure she was alone.

As we approached the center, Miku spoke out to Ashu who was locked away behind a gate, about how their aunt had only used him to gain more power. Reiko had enough of our attempts to win over Ashu and unleashed a new type of mesmer magic on us. She created clones of herself so that we would delay finding which of them was her true form. In addition to that, she could also create clones of us which fought for her.
Soon, members from the Ministry of Purity appeared to help Reiko but so did a few of our friends, such as Soar Honorclaw and Xin Ji.

At last we were able to strike at her through all the illusions and finally kill her. Once freed, Ashu approached Miku and admitted that he thought Reiko might have been using him, but didn’t want to believe it. But instead of rejoining his sister, he was determined to run the Ministry of Purity and lead them in the right direction. His reasoning was that they view him as an important figure and the people they were died on that day the afflicted attacked Tahnnakai Temple. There was no place for Miku in his life and he wanted to move on without her. I don’t know why Miku took his decision so well, but perhaps she felt powerless to change his mind. She’s worked so hard to reach this moment and now has to walk away empty handed.

Emotionally drained, Miku motioned for us to leave the garden and speak elsewhere.

I’m not entirely pleased with the turn of events, but Reiko is dead. If the Ministry of Purity becomes a threat to Cantha in the future, I will deal with that situation then. Anyway, for the last time I met with Miku in the sewers. For all of my help during the conflict with the Ministry of Purity, she presented me with a rare item called the Imperial Dragon’s Tear. If that was not enough, she also offered her services anytime I needed the skills of an assassin. I felt bad for how the situation played out for her, but at least if she travels with me she won’t be alone.

Our other friends who had helped in the fight against Reiko also met with us in the sewers. I was pleased to see everyone, but regretted not knowing whatever happened to Zei Ri. Now that things might settle down, I need to track him down and find out what he will do in the Ministry of Purity.