Feb 152010

Continuing onward from Reed Bog into The Falls with my friends, Erolin, Nox, and Smars, we set out to explore the Maguuma Jungle’s most secluded area!
In many ways, when you enter The Falls it looks no different from places such as Silverwood and Reed Bog, but the true beauty of this area lies far into the jungle.

Dark Oak only had this to say to us “Darkness and light, good and evil…all are a part of nature. There is no regrowth without death…without decay. Such is the lesson that I can teach you, stripling.” Mighty deep words to ponder on.

Nearby Dark Oak, we spotted this strange leafy canopy.

A White Mantle caravan all the way out in The Falls! Although I doubt they lasted very long out here, as I could not find any of them around here.

Instead we found Llourdes the Arcane, who clearly belongs to the Shining Blade. It looks like she is enjoying the nice campsite that the White Mantle setup. I also found some harnesses for an animal to pull one of the caravans, yet no bulls or horses were found nearby. I can’t imagine them lasting long with so many trolls around anyways!

Erolin remarked, “It was nice of the gods to provide us with additional lighting!”

An amazing view of some glowing houses on a long winding vine-pathway. Being so high up, it almost felt like we could reach out and touch the clouds.

Hey! A little piggie found his way into one of my pictures!

We finally made our way to this wondrous waterfall, from which this area gets its name! My companions and I were awestruck by its beauty, so we took a break and spent a good amount of time admiring it.

Smars pointed out these odd glowing spires.

While there is one enormous waterfall we already visited, there are a few smaller ones in the area as well.

I went in for a closer look at this small mossy waterfall, but I dropped some of my belongings and flagged my friends over for some help!

the falls_waterfall3

I didn’t expect Balthazar’s statue to be quite so tall. You can get a sense of scale by looking at Erolin and then the statue.
the falls_gloriousbalthazar

To end our day exploring, we stood next to the Champion of Balthazar and tried to impress the god of war with our best poses!

Prized spoils: One golden item
Outposts: None
Exits: Reed Bog
Friends: Smars, Erolin, Nox