Jun 212010

Vasburg Armory is a beautiful and well designed outpost. It even has a huge golden statue of the god Balthazar. However it has one flaw, the only Xunlai vault boxes are located on the other side. So when I had to travel out of my way to get a few things from storage, it really surprised me to go back to the center of the outpost and see Catfish, Xia, Vengance, Solorian, Cver, and Claire eagerly waiting to help me. I’m not sure what motivated all of them to accompany me. Perhaps the haunting melody of the tree singers beacons travels to return and visit the Eternal Grove again.

When I saw this, my first thought was that it would be nice to live by a waterfall. But then reason set in and I realized that the noise would drive me crazy and I wouldn’t get any sleep!

I remember helping the Kurzicks defend their Forever Trees from the onslaught of the Luxons and Afflicted. These magical trees are used to transform willing volunteers into protectors known as Juggernauts. This isn’t some kind of temporary job; you give up your life in the process and are bound to servitude. Of course this amazing feat would not be possible without the Tree Singers who awaken the Forever Trees and tap into it’s magic.

At the end of a narrow passage way, I spotted a huge tree with many windows glowing with a golden hue. Judging by the distance between us, it must be one of the largest trees in the Echovald Forest I’ve seen so far.

At first I noticed the broken bridge at the base of the tree, then the absolutely huge roots. I must have been staring at it for quite some time, because I didn’t noticed three Onis approach us until Cver let out a war cry.

My group found it somewhat difficult to navigate through here, because it was so dark. I cannot believe the difference between this area and the one I was in previously, Drazach Thicket.

I’m starting to appreciate the beauty of the Echovald Forest, but it is still a very strange place for me to explore.

The combination of noises produced by onis, mantids, plant beings, and wardens combined with the sights of the forest can send shivers down your spine. This particular area looked like something out of a nightmare.

I found it much more pleasant to watch the running water from this small waterfall.

It felt like a really long day exploring, but thanks to my friends Claire, Solorian, Vengance, Catfish, Xia, and Cver, it wasn’t a dull afternoon. Having someone around to chat with and fight by your side is why being an adventurer is so much fun!

Prized Spoils: 6 golden items
Outposts: Vasburg Armory
Exits: Mourning Veil Falls
Friends: Catfish J., Xia H. D., Solorian D., Cver D., Vengance H., Claire P.