May 202011

Taking on the four Lords of Anguish was rough, but now S. Strongarm and I had to bring down an even greater force. Of course we couldn’t just walk up to the citadel and catch Mallyx off guard. Our friend High Priest Zhellix had to recite a ritual that would force the gates to Mallyx open. While this went on, we had to fight back a seemingly endless wave of enemies. Although without much guidance, these last creatures of torment didn’t pose much of a threat. They came at us in disorganized, small groups; just the right size for us to deal with!

After what seemed like forever, Zhellix finally finished the ritual. Walking down to the doorway, the bright light from Mallyx’s room was blinding. Why is all of his domain so dark and this single room so bright?

Until this moment, we had no idea what this “Mallyx” looked like. If someone had asked me, I doubt I would have said he looks like a giant purple ape. All joking aside, the size of our foe was quite intimidating. I swallowed my fear and moved forward into the room. Our efforts would be for nothing if we gave up now.

Each time we seemed to bring him once step closer to death, more tormented creatures would jump through the portals and come to his aid.

With Mallyx’s death, Kormir can finally take control of the Realm of Torment. I’m sure it will take some time, but I can’t wait to see what she’ll do with it. Although now that we’ve taken care of her problems, perhaps we’ll never gain access when it is “repaired”. Any intrusion into her realm by mortals might be seen as a threat. I’m sure that is why the other gods don’t permit us to visit their realms.

Before I could relax and pack my bags for Shing Jea, High Priest Zhellix mentioned that we had more to do. Another forgotten in the Gate of Anguish outpost, Chaplain Phyratyss had news for us.

Prized Spoils: 1 armor remnant, Mallyx’s Faith, gemstones
Outposts: Domain of Anguish
Friends: Saint S.