Aug 022012

200 years ago when Shiro Tagachi unleashed the Jade Wind on Cantha, the demonic being in the Jade Sea named Kanaxi became entombed. And when the Luxons (who could no longer sail the Jade Sea) started to mine deeper and deeper for more jade, they came across Kanaxi and were driven insane by that demon’s powers. These miners became the outcasts that we see roaming the Jade Sea. And Kanaxi’s demonic powers do not stop there; he is also responsible for all the oni found across all of Cantha.

Or at least, that is what Eurayle in the Luxon capital of Cavalon claims.

Along with members from my guild, we set out to find the Deep and investigate these claims. Setting foot inside the Deep, there a set of four portals which could teleport no more than three people into the next area. It took us a while to agree on how we would split our party for each portal, but eventually we came to find a balance between strength and support for all of them.

Stepping into the portal I spotted several aquatic monsters and a demonic looking being at the far end of this room. It was apparently one of many Aspects of Kanaxi. As we encountered more of them later on, we found that they were each responsible for creating a negative environmental effect. In my specific room, our monk R. Doc found his healing spells less effective.

Another discovery about these Aspects of Kanaxi, was the fact that they became immune to damage. The only way to momentarily get around their invulnerability was to knock them down.

Breaking through our room, we helped the other members of our group past their Aspects of Kanaxi so we could all team up.

Together we fought our way into the next area, where we suddenly couldn’t help but walk slower. The monsters that populate the Deep seem unaffected by the Aspects of Kanaxi’s powers. Once the aspect is killed, the negative effects wear off until we enter a new area with another Aspect of Kanaxi.

To reach the next area, several of us had to stand on platforms scattered throughout this room to open a door into the next. The painful part of this setup meant that whoever was stuck on the other side keeping the door open, would be left for dead. After they had been killed, we used resurrection spells that could teleport them to our side. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to us to just put a block of jade or a slain foe’s body on the platforms.

Past that obstacle, the next room caused everyone to slowly lose energy. The negative effect forced us to act quickly, or we wouldn’t have enough resources to even defend ourselves. Taking advantage of our situation, outcasts surrounded their Aspect of Kanaxi. As we approached one group, they all became enraged and descended upon us. Only after we recovered from their onslaught could we focus our attention on the Aspect of Kanaxi and end his draining power over us.

Losing energy each minute is devastating, but the inability to cast any spells prevents our monks from keeping us alive. It was a unanimous decision amongst all the spellcasters that we sneak past this area if possible. While they were planning the safest route, I gazed out into the distance at the environment of the Deep. Besides keeping similar appearance with every other section of the Jade Sea, I noticed a door partially obscured with mist. If this were not such a dangerous area, and the door itself lying beyond our reach, I’d love to investigate where it leads. Perhaps in the future, we can invest in enough climbing supplies to equip the whole party for such ventures.

Relieved to be out of that deadly negative environment effect, everyone rushed into the next one. It didn’t seem like such a big deal that no one could cast enchantment spells, because no one solely relied on them (although our protection monk was a bit nervous). In our rush to kill the next Aspect of Kanaxi we were not prepared to deal with onis which literally popped into existence in front of us. Adding to our anguish, a leviathan which seemed permanently cased in a huge block of jade, suddenly broke through and launched huge rocks at us.

In the same area, we found several deep pools filled with clear, sparking water. They were so deep that we could not see the bottom through the clear waters.

Our endurance was tested once we walked into the next environmental hazard. Nothing happened for a few seconds, but then while fighting some oni we were suddenly teleported to their feet and knocked down. While we were disoriented and defenseless, outcasts soon joined the onis and quickly picked off the weakest party members first. We soon adjusted to this new difficulty, but it left some of us with pain which lasted long after the battle with the Aspect of Kanaxi was over.

Eager to leave an area that kept knocking us down, we felt a slight burning sensation as we ran into the next area. Coming to a halt, the pain suddenly stopped and moments later all of the pain washed away. Walking further in, the pain resumed and we discovered that any movement would hurt us. Coming in from behind us were large groups of oni and shadowy nightmare beasts. When the last of their waves ceased, we slowly moved on and were confronted by more onis which popped into existence.

Normally, my friends and guild members are in a hurry to get through an area. But due to the environmental hazard, they were delighted to stop and take a look at this colossal irukandji trapped in a block of jade.

Bright jade surroundings turned dark as we descended into the Deep. As our eyes adjusted to the darkness, nightmares took advantage of our momentary vulnerability. They were drawn to our spellcasters, or as we soon discovered, their staves and wands. For some reason those objects made the nightmares constantly cast chaos storm on their targets. It wasn’t until they cast that mesmer spell that we felt the new environmental hazard; searing pain when our energy resources were fully depleted. Keeping that in mind, we refrained from exerting too much while fighting the nightmares.

Perhaps I was too quick to complain about the searing pain from the previous area. Moving on into the next room, two types of flowers shot needles at us that could poison or cause us to bleed. Additionally, the new environmental hazard slowly drained away our health. Rather than stay to kill the Aspect of Kanaxi, we succumbed to our instincts of self preservation to leave this painful area and cut our way through outcasts and onis to move on. I can hardly stand the Deep much longer.

Combination of pain, stress, anxiety, and rage brought us to our breaking point. People I’d normally consider calm and civil, were being transformed into bloodthirsty fiends. As a group, we descended on our targets like a pack of hungry wolves. The Aspect of Kanaxi in this picture is no exception. Even our monks delighted in seeing his life essence snuffed out.

Only by reflecting back on my notes and these pictures did I truly feel horrified about what was happening. At the time this was happening, I could not distance myself from Kanaxi’s madness.

Nothing I could have expected would have prepared me for the battle with Kanaxi. He shared a few similarities with his Aspects of Kanaxi, so we needed to occasionally knock him down to break through his defenses. But each time we did this, he summoned an army of oni and nightmares. Our focus then shifted to killing them off, or else we’d quickly become outnumbered. Kanaxi took this moment to enchant himself and recover from any damage we inflicted. Luckily for us, our mesmers Evelyn and Minerva came prepared to disenchant enemies. Working together, they were able to keep Kanaxi from fully recovering, and after each wave of minions was killed we returned our attention back on Kanaxi.

During the battle, I didn’t even notice that everyone was slowly losing their health in this room. Only after we defeated Kanaxi did I feel the effects of this room’s environmental hazard. For some strange reason, it lingered even after his death.

While I was pondering the situation, everyone else rushed towards the chest that appeared after Kanaxi’s death. It’s been a long, agonizing day, and I was happy to collect our trophies and leave the Deep. Hopefully our victory today will please Eurayle and the Luxons. However it’s doubtful that we were able to completely destroy such an ancient demonic being. At the very least, we have given the Luxons and other adventurers some valuable information to combat Kanaxi for when he returns again.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items, one demonic summoning stone
The Pink Animal Clan [pink] members: Velena D., Minerva M., K. P. Ayabara, R. Doc, Yoruichy C., Evelyn W., Selenium I.