Sep 182009

Today’s exploration starts from the outpost, Piken Square. Before venturing out I had a good chat with the folks inside to learn about the area. Firstly, they suggested not exploring it at all… because the charr are too dangerous. Secondly, that if one were to venture out that I should be very well equipped.

I don’t see what the big deal is! Sure charr are dangerous, but could this area be any worse than others in Ascalon? I think not…

Once I set foot outside, I immediately spotted some charr next to these interesting purple flowers. After taking care of the charr, I knelt down to inspect the flowers. They are quite lovely, but you cannot pick up their scent at all. The air is filled with the smell of death and decay.

It’s moments like this when I begin to understand how Ascalonians must feel.

This is near where I found the flowers upon entering.

Directly north of where I started, there is a smouldering crater.

If there is one thing I absolutely hate about traveling in Ascalon, it is all the tar you have to go through! It slows me down and I have to scrub my boots after the exploration.

What’s left of this archway has the same pattern I’ve seen here repeatedly in Ascalon. This seems to have been a very popular motif for this area. I wonder who originally designed this.

Right next to the arch way is another fountain like the one I found in the Eastern Frontier. It is very well preserved, given what the surrounding area looks like.

Ah, it’s a mural of the twin goddesses: Lyssa. I have seen one like this before in Ascalon City. What a sight to behold!
I wonder who originally built these murals? Even though the structure itself is not intact, it still stands up and does not show any signs of crumbling.

Prized spoils: Scroll to Fissure of Woe
Outposts: Piken Square
Exits: Old Ascalon, Diessa Lowlands