Jan 132010

Upon entering The Black Curtain from the Temple of Ages, you are confronted by Reed Stalkers. The only unusual thing about this encounter was the location; a man-made(?) platform. It resembles a stage or circle for gatherings (and not the sort that plants attend!).

The sight of these huts brought back memories of when I was exploring North Kryta Province! Just as in that area, these huts were found amongst skale.

According to my good friend Erolin, Krytans prepare the dead in wrappings and send them off in a boat into the mists. This is one such example of the burial rite, however it doesn’t look like he is going anywhere soon! Perhaps the monsters of the area interrupted this ‘funeral’ in progress.

Here is another point of interest! This is where Brother Mizar asked me to steal the Litanies of the Unseen, which is the White Mantle’s most holy text. Mizar used it to prove that the Mursaat are not really gods.

I found a cute little orange spider while wandering around.

A group of Tengu were found in the middle of a campfire, with the desecrated remains of humans circling it.
We have yet to see anything this gruesome in our travels thus far in Tyria. I had no idea the Caromi Tengu were capable of this!
My friend Erolin, said a few prayers for the dead as I searched in vain for personal affects that might help identify them.

An assembly of bones. Perhaps it represents a warning post, maybe a marker of a cult. Or it is just undead “art”?

Magical statues, with orbs that pulsate light. Found nearby the exit to Kessex Peak.

Prized spoils: 4 golden items
Outposts: Temple of Ages
Exits: Cursed Lands, Kessex Peak, Talmark Wilderness
Friends: Erolin