Jul 102010

By the time Salma and her advisors had planned what to do during the attack, night had fallen. When the time was right, she asked me to speak with Firstwatch Sergio to open the front gates and confront our enemies.

I felt uneasy as we walked out of her throne room. Everything was too quiet, so I decided to survey the area before I spoke with Sergio.

I searched all over the outposts for any suspicious activity, but even the docks were clear. The Xunlai Agents had left as well. I suppose they have to protect their assets.

With no time to spare, I spoke with Sergio and requested that he open the gate. As he did, I heard what sounded like thunder as White Mantle troops marched towards the city! Luckily the gate made it possible that only a few groups could pass into the city at a time.

Wave after wave of enemies. Finally I got my chance to take down Inquisitor Toriimo. He was difficult to defeat, because even though I had thrown dirt in his eyes he used fire magic on us. Sticking to my orders, we took down enemies one at a time and had little difficulty dealing with the inquisitor afterwards.

More waves of White Mantle hit us before their leader Confessor Isaiah made his entrance. Two Jade Armors stood by his side, acting like body guards as he commanded even more forces to attack us. While I fought him, I kept thinking about the “other” Mursaat leaders that I had been warned about. Were they going to join in on the assault tonight?

Sure enough, the Mursaat and their constructs started pouring in. Lucent the Spectral and Oizys the Miserable were hard to deal with on their own. With more White Mantle forces and additional constructs joining them, we were pushed back during the battle. Thankfully Zinn and Blimm were there to protect us from their spectral agony attack or all would have been lost.

The hardest foe I had to fight was the Perfected Aegis. This is a jade construct leader that very effectively uses water magic hexes to better “help” his other construct friends as they cut through us as if we were their play things. I managed to keep them bottlenecked at the gate to Salma’s throneroom and held my ground as they tried to pass. The gods must have been on our side because my hard work paid off and we prevailed.

Lastly I dealt with the final two Mursaat leaders: Tailos the Resplendent and Ambrillus the Guardian. With their defeat, we stood there bloody and beaten. My ears expected to pick up on the battle cries of endless White Mantle, but nothing was to be heard. We finally defeated the Unseen ones and all of their forces! I started crying for joy and laughed with my good friend Solorian. We rushed to Princess Salma to share our good news.

The next morning, Princess Salma gave a speech:

“People of Kryta.
I stand here before you at both the dawn of a new age of prosperity and a return to the traditions of our ancestors. Our enemies have been dismantled, and all our years of suffering and oppression are finally over.
It will take continued vigilance and courage to restore peace to the whole of Kryta, but we shall face our challenges as a united people.
Many have fought and bled and sacrificed so that we may see this day.
We thank the Lionguard for their unwavering support of the people of Kryta. They shall continue, under the command of Firstwatch Sergio, in service to the city of Lion’s Arch.
We thank the Shining Blade. They have been our truest companions and have proved themselves to be the true defenders of Kryta.
Guided now by our loyal servant Livia, the Shining Blade will continue to serve Kryta, not as a rebel group nor as a militia, nor even as an army, but shall henceforce server as the royal guard for all kings and queens of Kryta.
Most of all, we thank the people of Kryta, who have endured so much with such great dignity. All across Tyria, free people sing the praises of the common Krytan, and I join them in their chorus.
This conflict has been a difficult one, pitting brother against brother, and neightbor against neighbor. Not all who fought here against us were motivated by evil, for some were deceived by the lies or cowed by the threats of the White Mantle.
In the spirit of the new, reborn Kryta, it is time to put those dark days behind us. Now is the time for rebuilding, not retribution. Now is the time for forgiveness, not vengeance. Let us all face this new era together without hate in our hearts.
In that spirit, we hearby announce the new formation of a new army for the defense of the whole of Kryta and for all humans who call Kryta their home.
Honoring the winged goddess who protected us in our final battle against the fiends who had usurped our kingdom, this new group will be called the Seraph, and the valiant Bartholos shall be their commander.
In this new army, common citizens and former members of the White Mantle and Shining Blade will serve side-by-side. You will know the Seraph by the wings that adorn their helms and shields, and by their solute defense of our land. They shall be protectors of Kryta.
Know this, my countrymen: never again will we stand by while another Krytan suffers!
Never again shall we allow inhuman evil to fester and grow among us!
Never again will Krytans turn their back on their heritage and their gods!
Let a new age dawn, an age of justice and peace for all Krytans!”

Her speech was so moving, and gave me new hope to the future of Kryta and peace in Tyria. It also raised some questions. I searched among the crowds but could not find poor Evennia. Is she still lost in Ascalon? I will have to go and search for her after the celebrations have ended.

Brother Mizar praised the six gods for our victory in battle. It’s nice to see that Kormir is finally gaining some respect and praise.

When I spoke with the Ebon Falcons I learned that Captain Langmar and Lieutenant Thackeray were also nowhere to be found. Captain Greywind informed us that the two stayed back to buy him time while he escorted the Payce family here. The Ebon Falcons were so upset at this revelation that they planned a search party for their friends right away. I would love to come help search for them as well, but I wonder why no one is worried more about Evennia?

Lastly I spoke with Antwyn, Jorith and Carden. Who, as I expected, were weaving tall tales and complaining about how we had it too easy and that back in the day it was much harder. Apparently they killed the Lich Lord twice. Such a feat is laughable just to even imagine. It was nice leaving Lion’s Arch on such a light note.

Allies: Solorian D.

~ 1079 A.E.