Mar 172011

In the race to track down Varesh and stop her for good, a lot of stuff has happened since my last entry. We taught our wurms a new trick, slaughtered margonites that helped Abaddon during his war with the other gods, and yes… killed Varesh! I have so much to write about, that it demands to be retold over a few journal entries rather than this one.

At least our victory against Varesh has bought us more time to deal with Abaddon. And with that time I am granted the opportunity to scour the Desolation for more information that can help our fight and better understand this wasteland. Elwin and my guild leader Theresa are joining me for the exploration of The Alkali Pan.

We fought Abaddon’s Horde of Darkness here. They could only be damaged by a unique wurm attack. Learning this attack required us to travel all the way to the Shattered Ravines and to make our wurms eat the flesh of their elders. It was quite the grotesque experience and I hope nothing of the sort will be required of us again.

Smoke billows out of a crack in a large jagged rock. I watched it for sometime, but it doesn’t stop.

The Alkali Pan is quite deadly. Even though you can travel in your wurm most of the time, the rocky areas are home to many mandragors. To make matters worse, awakened undead are often found in these spots. You could potentially have to fight both if you’re not careful about it.

My party members were hesitant to go near this deep fissure in the Alkali Pan. Falling in combat can always be remedied with a resurrection spell, but if you were to fall in the fissure, not even rebirth would save you.

I cautiously approached the edge of the fissure to watch the strange green light pulsating between cracks.

Theresa, Elwin and I finished our exploration at the gates to the Ruins of Morah. The path to Varesh led us here, and luckily for us General Morgahn’s friend Captain Mehhan was at the door waiting for us. Just past the Ruins of Morah we found Varesh deep in a trance, working on the final ritual. The final battle with the mad warmarshall was fatiguing, but I’m still eager to explore more of the desolation.

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items, Churek’s Defiance
Outposts: Bone Palace, The Ruins of Morah
Exits: Crystal Overlook, The Ruptured Heart, The Shattered Ravines
Friends: Elwin L., Theresa