Jun 232010

When Princess Salma asked me to go into the Temple of Tolerance and take out a Mursaat leader, very few people were willing to rush in. This is a heavily fortified portion of D’Alessio Seaboard. I intended on carrying out her orders, but only after spending a few nights planning out the rough details. Unfortunately since I took my time with this one, none of my friends could be reached to help out.

Thanks to our spy Dinas’ hard work, I was able to get pass the gate to the Temple of Tolerance. The journey itself did not take very long, although I did have to trek through a swamp. There are large groups of White Mantle enemies all over the place and, of course, in close proximity. This is one of the reasons why I love being a ranger, because it is easy for me to draw their attention from far away. If you are careful, very few enemies will spot you and your party will not be overwhelmed.

Group after group patrolled the area just above these steps. After while I had a chance to draw in Justicar Kassandra and her small group. I brought a Necromancer who could raise corpses in the hope that the extra minions would take the damage for us. When Kassandra rushed at our group, she cut through them with ease because she is a very talented Dervish. The minions at least gave me enough time to focus my attacks and eliminate her.

Koril the Malignant stood alone at the center of the Temple of Tolerance. As we fought him, more and more waves of enemies showed up. It was a dilemma: do we attack the Mursaat or eliminate the White Mantle? I chose to take out the lesser threat first, because I knew that they would just keep coming. My persistence paid off. After dealing with the White Mantle I had more than enough time to get enough arrows into Koril before the next group arrived. With his death, I returned back to Lion’s Arch to tell Princess Salma the good news.

Princess Salma was very pleased to hear about the death of another Mursaat leader and informed me that four more remained. Also, that I may have to go to Demetra and “clean up” some more enemies of Kryta for her in the future, if Dinas’ report was accurate. This is the very spot where Saul D’Alessio stood against the Charr and prevented the destruction of Kryta. Before I left, I asked about the whereabouts of Evennia. I didn’t get a complete answer, but apparently she is on the move and no longer hanging outside of Ascalon City. This news has me a bit worried. I hope that nothing bad happens to her.

~ 1079 A.E.