Jan 292010

As we departed from Stingray Strand and entered Tears of the Fallen, the sky darkened and we felt something odd in the air.

I found it very difficult to ignore the seemingly ominous skyline as I battled drakes and skales.
There is something very unsettling about this area.

A wrecked boat was spotted tucked behind a large rock formation, near the entry from Stingray Strand.

While I was checking out the wrecked ship, Nox found this sea creature and alerted me. We’ve seen a similar one in Lion’s Arch too.

While battling skale and drakes on the beach, I suddenly regretted not wearing my heavier armor. The creatures left quite a few small cuts on my arms and legs.

When we spotted this village near a lake, my friend Nox explained to me that this area gets its name from two tear shaped lakes, this lake being the smaller of the two.

I surprised Nox with a picnic after we finished exploring Tears of the Fallen. As a “thank you” for being such lovely company!

Prized spoils: One elementalist tome and one golden item
Outposts: None
Exits: Talmark Wilderness, Stingray Strand, Twin Serpent Lakes
Friends: Nox