Apr 132010

The small but still quite dangerous area I’m exploring today is known as Tasca’s Demise, so named after the famous explorer: Marshall Tasca, who fell off a cliff somewhere in this very area. Even though I am originally from Cantha, I heard of his journey across most of Tyria while training on Shing Jea. It is people like Marshall Tasca and Marshall Whitman that inspire me to keep exploring the world we live in and taking risks in doing so. I can’t say it’s the same for every adventurer I’ve met, but many of my friends look up to them as well.

Needless to say, a few of my friends were more than willing to help me explore this area. Kaileen, N. Squirrel, Azrael and Angela all wanted to make sure I didn’t meet the same fate as Marshall Tasca.

If not for Azarel the paragon keeping our spirits up, the sky’s gloomy appearance would have weighed us down. Some people do not see the advantage of having such friends, but their sunny personality really shines through even the darkest of times.

Here is the bridge that I spotted in Spearhead Peak. Underneath it lies a sizeable Stone Summit camp, complete with yaks, furnaces, and platforms.

I went in for a closer look to see what the Dwarves were up to, but I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

In one corner of Tasca’s Demise I found a small blocked off cave and a doorway leading into an area unknown to me, undoubtedly going deep into Stone Summit territory.

As I mentioned earlier, this area is small in size so it didn’t take us much time to fully explore it. Even so, my companions Angela, N. Squirrel, Kaileen, Azrael and I celebrated our success. We continued through the small pathway to Mineral Springs.

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item
Outposts: The Granite Citadel
Exits: Mineral Springs
Friends: Kaileen A., Azrael R., B. Angela, N. Squirrel