Feb 162010

At long last, I’ve come to the final explorable area of the Maguuma Jungle: Tangle Root. Funny enough, I think the outpost that joins Tangle Root, the Henge of Denravi, is more well known than this area. Henge of Denravi was once a secret meeting place for the druids a long time ago. Until the Shining Blade recently discovered a way into the outpost, it remained untouched by humans for many years. I always enjoy visiting the Henge of Denravi but, as many adventurers will tell you, it is incredibly easy to get lost inside there.

For this adventure, my old friend Erolin, and two newcomers Nax and Demia are teaming up with me to explore Tangle Root.

There are quite an abundance of these purple and green plants in this area.

As with many areas in the Maguuma Jungle, enemies that pop up from the ground can be a hassle. So I ran up ahead and scouted the area for “pop ups” and patrolling monsters that we missed.

Even being a ranger, sometimes I have problems finding my way through this dense vegetation.

We paid our respects to the goddess Melandru at her shrine, and spoke to her agent: Melandru’s Watcher. The sight of this manifestation made me contemplate about the druids of the Maguuma Jungle. I wondered if the goddess bestowed great magic to the druids in the past. It seems like much greater magic than the mortals of today are limited to!

Ahhh, I remember speaking to Old Jones on my first trip through Tyria. He gave me a ride on his boat, down the treacherous Ullen River (also known as the Dark River) to Riverside Province, where I helped the Shining Blade steal the Sceptre or Orr.
It has been a long time since I have spoken to him, so I brought him up to speed on how the White Mantle are faring. He seemed quite pleased that their power in Kryta seems to be waning!

Speaking of the Ullen River, when I first met Old Jones he said this to me: “A shadow lies over that region, and it is cast by something… unseen, I suppose you could say”. Many adventurers suspect that this river may lead to undiscovered Mursaat outposts. Due to the river’s swift currents and what I can imagine are powerful magics protecting such cities, we will probably never see them.

Our pathway was illuminated by these magical lanterns.

Deep into Tangle Root, we came across this massive waterfall! Although to be honest, I prefer not to linger nearby, as it’s roaring waters make it harder for me to hear enemies approaching.

I looked around to find my way through the jungle, and gazed up at the sky and saw this amazing view.

Our friend Demia often ran up ahead of us while we were finishing off enemies. When we finally caught up, we found her sitting on a vine bridge gazing up at these druid “housing complexes”. I have to give the druids credit, they build much more attractive housing than the Canthan government!

While in Tangle Root, we got to peek into Maguuma Stade.

At the edge of Tangle Root that connects with Dry Top, you can see the very sharp contrast in the Maguuma Jungle landscape.

To wrap up our exploration of Tangle Root, we traveled back to the statue of Melandru, payed our respects to the goddess, and I thanked my friends Erolin, Nax, and Demia for coming along and helping out!

Prized spoils: Five golden items
Outposts: Henge of Denravi, Maguuma Stade
Exits: Dry Top
Friends: Nax, Demia, Erolin