Mar 222010

The Shiverpeaks pose a danger to all those that dare to make their way through it. Adventurers are never truly safe here unless they can find shelter within a Dwarven outpost. This might seem to be a “no-brainer”, but I have heard of some stories of fools wandering into the wrong Dwarven camp! Stone Summit and Deldrimor Dwarves treat humans completely different. As I mentioned earlier in the Northern Shiverpeaks, the Stone Summit hate all other races. They even hate their own brethren, the Deldrimor Dwarves, because they interact with humans.

Preparing for a long and exhausting journey ahead of me, I asked a few friends (and guild members) to accompany me into Talus Chute. And so Bonke, Forbidden V., and Adi joined my party.

I noticed this furnace with some wooden platforms, after battling a powerful Azure Shadow and some of his friends.

There is a ravine nearby the outpost of Camp Rankor, and this is as close of a look down as I wanted to get!

These furnaces all have chains, and this lead me to believe that it was used by the Stone Summit. Although when we arrived here it was full of Grawl instead of Dwarves. The mention of Grawl sparked a conversation amongst us, and we debated what the women and children of that monster society would look like. I commented that perhaps they are similar to Dwarves, in that with all the hair, I wouldn’t be able to notice which gender it is.

A long ramp leads into a frozen pond, I wonder if this is actually useable in the summer-time.

Beyond this point leads into the Icedome area.

I spotted a frozen waterfall behind some large rocks, which also kept me from investigating it further.

Walking on the ice slows our movement down considerably. I found that if I kept running and didn’t pause, that I could keep my momentum.

Adi pointed out these lamps to us, and I speculated that it would lead us to the outpost near Ice Caves of Sorrow.

Ahh, at last. Beyond this archway is the city of Droknar’s Forge. So named for it’s most beloved King. During his reign all of the Dwarven tribes were united. Something that today seems unthinkable.

I had to spend some additional time tracking down some patrolling enemies, which was made significantly more difficult with the blinding sun and bright snow.

My eyes had a hard time adjusting from the bright snow to this dimly lit cave. If not for the aid from my companions, I may have bumped into a troll.

Walking through the caves and northward towards where I first started, I found a nice view on a cliff side.

I thanked my friends Bonke and Forbidden V. for helping me by serving up some Shamrock Ale, near a small house where Crafter Magnor and Hoknil the Greater reside.

Prized spoils: Three golden items, two necromancer tomes
Outposts: Droknar’s Forge, Ice Cave of Sorrow, Camp Rankor
Exits: Icedome
Friends: Bonke, Forbidden V., Adi (until a messenger came and called him away)