Jan 252010

Along with a few of my guild mates, we set out to explore the Talmark Wilderness. A beautiful and serene area that also connects with Majesty’s Rest, (a gateway to the Maguuma Jungle) where the mighty bone dragon, Rotscale lives. Where we will be moving onto immediately after this area.

Here in the middle of an area filled with imps, I spotted these giant stone pillars with writing unknown to me. Perhaps this has something to do with old Krytan history.

I’ve looked through tomes, asked all of my friends from Tyria, and consulted with non-adventurers in towns. Yet the origin these structures remains elusive to me.

Wind chimes adorning a tree.

Not far from the imps and stone pillars, I found this waterfall!
I thought about going in closer for a better look, but my friends were getting impatient.

We were all pretty excited to find a little place to rest up! I spoke with Artisan Sivan and Galstaff the Light.
Elder Rabne also resides here, but refused to talk to us. I think it may have something to do with Sivan, because he is wearing Shining Blade garb! Something that the White Mantle would want to learn about, not that we’ll ever tell them!

A pig pen in Dakutu Village.

Straw structures among some burnt trees (imps must have been responsible for that).

Hurc the Fisherman is a shy guy and didn’t want to talk to me.

Seeing the beaches of Kryta, makes me think about how the beaches in the Luxon areas could have looked like before the Jade Wind hit.

Sometimes I wonder what the gods have planned for us, for instance: aggressive plant life. Why do we need to fight plants and why do they want to kill us?

We quickly explored and vanquished Talmark Wilderness, so we took a break before going into Majesty’s Rest to pose for my camera.

Prized spoils: One golden item
Outposts: None
Exits: The Black Curtain, Majesty’s Rest, Tears of the Fallen
Friends: B. Embers, Nutty, R. of Alright, Satan the Sin