Jun 112010

Ahhh, at last I get to visit Tahnnakai Temple. After freeing the spirits of Canthan heroes that were bound by Shiro’s magic, you can speak with them in this temple. It is a great way to find guidance and wisdom from our ancestors. Only Catfish, Luky, Claire, and Loreal decided to come with me and visit the spirits here.

Vizu is the first spirit we spoke with in the temple, she is the ancestor of Nika. I have to say that the similarities between the two are striking! The only guidance Vizu gave us, was to push on and defeat Shiro Tagachi.

On a bridge, we found a great spot to view the Tahnnakai Temple spire. You have to be pretty far away to view the whole thing.

Visiting all the other spirits yielded the same advice: get Shiro Tagachi. Each of these spirits are accompanied by tame Temple Guardians, although I hear that there are still some deep inside this area that are hostile.

We all felt pretty good after only being in the temple for half an hour. So much so that the sight of sewage didn’t sour my mood.

As we progressed deeper into the area behind the temple, we encountered some Jade Brotherhood members and also some angry Temple Guardians.

One area with a maze of pipes had many Temple Guardians and their “leader” Quansong Spiritspeak. Fighting on the narrow bridges made it difficult because the guardians use fire magic, which targets large areas.

Moving on, there was a small stretch of sewage and a path that led up towards more Jade Brotherhood members waiting for us.

A deep pit holding sewage was at the center of the room where the Jade Brotherhood patrolled.

Above the pit, sunlight shines through an opening to the surface.

Our enemies must have planned out how best to stop intruders because they waited at the top of this stairway for us. Because the Jade Brotherhood elementalists don’t need to see us to cast their magic, it was quite painful making our way up.

At the top, we found a slum area and even more gang members. Because we had been underground for quite a while, it took some time to adjust to all the sunlight.

All we had to do was clear out a few more Jade Brotherhood groups at the top and my exploration of the area was complete. My friends Catfish J., Claire P., Luky and U. Loreal made my journey to Tahnnakai Temple pleasant and I thanked them for helping me so much.

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item
Outposts: Zin Ku Corridor, Tahnnakai Temple outpost (only accessible from the explorable side)
Exits: None
Friends: Catfish J, Luky, Claire P., U. Loreal