Jul 102012

After the Great Destroyer was killed, word spread of suspicious Stone Summit activity near the Verdant Cascades. When Malory and I arrived to check it out, we found a room filled with norn waiting for a great challenge. Veth the Storyteller told us that the last Stone Summit hierophant, Duncan the Black was trying to harness the power of the Great Destroyer’s soul. He has rallied all available Stone Summit and amassed a huge army of slaves. Veth hinted that it would be wise of us to kill Duncan before he reclaims the Great Destroyer’s soul, even though his fellow norn relished the idea of fighting what Duncan would become.

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May 202011

Taking on the four Lords of Anguish was rough, but now S. Strongarm and I had to bring down an even greater force. Of course we couldn’t just walk up to the citadel and catch Mallyx off guard. Our friend High Priest Zhellix had to recite a ritual that would force the gates to Mallyx open. While this went on, we had to fight back a seemingly endless wave of enemies. Although without much guidance, these last creatures of torment didn’t pose much of a threat. They came at us in disorganized, small groups; just the right size for us to deal with!

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May 182011

Through my friends in the Order of Whispers, I learned that in the Chantry of Secrets a statue of Kormir was erected. By the statue I noticed a familiar face, my old friend S. Strongarm. Next to him was Kormir’s avatar: Seer of Truth. She told us that the remaining Margonites have gathered in the Domain of Anguish and it is up to us to destroy them and finally bring an end to the remnants of Abaddon’s power. With my friend Strongarm at my side, we accepted Kormir’s challenge and once again returned to the Realm of Torment to set things right.

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Jul 092010

I was very surprised to find out that the Tomb of the Primeval Kings in the Crystal Desert, had been overtaken by an unknown force. This is the site where ancient Elonians buried their kings. Adventurers came here because of a portal that leads to the Hall of Heroes, where they fought against other adventurers to gain glory and the favor of the gods. Luckily, even though the portal to the Hall of Heroes at the tombs has been corrupted, the Zaishen Order have found a new portal to the Hall of Heroes. Although I am much more interested in finding out what happened to this area. So I gathered my friends Catfish, Xia, Cver and Zetta to help me explore what has befallen this portion of the Mists.

Commander Kuro who was standing by the portal, stopped us on our way in. He pleaded with us to defeat the evil that lies within, but that if we were just foolish adventurers we should head back. Our foes are strong and have a deep hunger for human flesh. If we are to defeat them we must have a plan of action and to keep our eyes sharp. With this warning we gathered around one of the campfires still lit in the outpost and discussed how best to take on our next challenge. At first we were not sure what to plan for, so I decided to retell the story of Lord Ordan while we gave our plan more thought.

Long ago, a powerful mage named Lord Ordan managed to uncover a way to gain access to the Mists. His studies on temporal distortions led him to find a special spot known as the Rift, a place where time stands still and where you must go if you wish to explore the Mists. You can think of it like a gateway. At the center of the Rift, Lord Ordan found a way into the Hall of Heroes. This is where the spirits of champions reside, and until the mage arrived only the undead could go there. It’s not surprising that these spirits were furious with a mortal running around. At first the spirits, who had long been dead were not able to harm their intruder. Over time though, they managed to find new ways to harm the living and killed him. When they thought that all of their troubles were over, the magic he used to hide the portals that lead into the Rift failed. These portals which were placed in very hard to reach places, if found, could be accessed by anyone. With the increase of heroes seeking to end the evils of Tyria and gain glory, a flood of people have entered the Hall of Heroes as of late. It used to be that ascension was a big deal, but now there is an influx of mighty heroes that can achieve this if they set their mind to it.

With what I said, we decided on the final details of our plan and headed into the ominous looking black portal.

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