Oct 192010

I mentioned earlier how Koss found a corsair that would help us. It turns out that this “Margrid” person was trustworthy and didn’t lay a finger on my coin purse while we sailed back to Istan on her boat. Although I’m not entirely sure that was her boat, but whatever. The sunspears that were injured in the attack on Gandara are back home. Also I spoke with the Council of Elders about the war. After much arguing between them, it was decided we should seek out the Vabbian princes. Personally I think Elder Suhl just wants us to go away.

Even though we’re planning to move on, I still find time to explore Elona. Today I’m joined by two elementalists from Ascalon: Elwin and Ikk.

The Kournan military presence is easily noticeable here. Guard posts are positioned not far from the Morzek Garrison in the center of the Sunward Marches. During our fight through here to reach Margrid’s boat, we had to quickly kill the guards before they could warn the garrison.

We decided to deal with Kournan military instead of exploring first. I’m sure they would not hesitate to call reinforcements if they had enough time. The Acolyte of Lyssa commands this particular fortress. Since it worked so well the last two times, I lured out a few guards when we arrived. Then when their numbers thinned enough, we attracted the attention of the acolyte. I threw dirt in her eyes, and then turned my attention to their priest. With a bit of planning, it’s incredibly easy to win most battles. As a ranger, it is great to blind melee foes and interrupt any spellcasters that threaten us.

Inside we found what seems to be a post for tying up livestock, or perhaps even centaurs.

With the majority of the Kournan military eliminated from this area (for now) we were able to take in the sights. Of course there are still vicious plants, monstrous bugs and the heket to deal with. At least they can’t operate a siege weapon.

As we got closer to Dajkah Inlet, we found more pools of water and foliage. Unfortunately some of the foliage had fangs.

A great deal of Sunward Marches is just beige. If you don’t pay attention to your surroundings, it can be easy to walk around in circles.

Our wandering led us to the gates of Venta Cemetery: the final resting place of Kournans slain by centaurs. Here I noticed a nose protruding out of a painted pillar. I’ve passed by this a few times now, and only just noticed the nose and “face”. It’s difficult to spot.

We ended our exploration at the docks right outside of Dajkah Inlet. The time we spent in Sunward Marches was a nice change of pace. Back at the Sunspear Sanctuary, life is chaotic and everyone is paranoid of the Kournan military finding their way in. I thanked my new friends Elwin and Ikk for joining me.

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items
Outposts: Command Post, Venta Cemetery, Dajkah Inlet
Exits: None
Friends: Elwin L., Ikk D.E.