Oct 112010

Sunspear Sanctuary is tucked away in the earth. Apparently this location used to be a cistern for the Elon river. It had fallen out of use and had filled with monstrous bugs. With the removal of the pests and the addition of a Xunlai Agent, it is a good haven for the sunspears in Kourna. Personally I don’t like the new location. If you stand still long enough, you can hear loose rocks falling. I already feel uneasy about being found by Varesh and her demonic allies. The situation is kind of similar to the White Mantle in Kryta, but in Kourna I feel like a sitting duck. Any one of our “friends” could point them in our direction.

Gaps in the rocks let light pour in from above, making it much less dreary than it could be. There is an old pillar at the center of the sanctuary. I remember this style from the Crystal Desert. No one around me cared to talk about it very much.

Lonai has been very helpful ever since this sanctuary was established. More so than the others, she spends every waking moment sorting war reports and assigning jobs to eager adventurers. I don’t care for her use of the dark arts, but I do admire her dedication to the Order of the Sunspears.

At the back of the sanctuary, you can find platforms preventing a cave-in. I can’t wait to move on to a safer location.

When I left the sanctuary and entered the Command Post, the first thing I noticed was a corsair smuggler. He’s well aware that we can’t buy goods from Kournans. I don’t mind the black market goods, but I worry about how much we’re paying him to keep silent about our location.

Near the exits to Sunward Marches and Turai’s Procession, there is a large tent with more merchants. Not long ago I did some extra work to “build up the base”. The additional resources are a nice touch to our humble headquarters. Although the fancy rugs under the tent look too out of place for their surroundings. They are bound to get filthy.

When my heroic friends Dunkoro, Koss and Melonni are not aiding in battle, they are resting in this portion of the Command Post. Sometimes I ask Dunkoro for advice, and this is a convenient location to find him. But I always steer clear of Koss, as he is always suggesting we talk with some corsair. He found me and asked me to meet with one such corsair named Margrid. I’m not looking forward to this.