May 052010

Revisiting Shing Jea brings back a lot of fond memories, and Sunqua Vale is no exception. My friend Solorian, a ritualist, offered to help me explore the area just as I was preparing to leave. I was reluctant at first, but he persisted and promised that he would not be a burden.

Everyone who shows promise as an adventurer has to meet their trainers in Sunqua Vale. Master Togo completely runs everything, choosing trainers and students alike. Not everyone I’ve met is crazy about their first trainer, but they deeply respect Master Togo. I for one, would not want to spend most of my time wandering the (dirty) streets of Kaineng City. 

Water buffalo grazing nearby a small pier. Seeing these creatures takes me back to when I first learned how to “charm animals” and was frustrated to learn that I couldn’t do so with water buffalo. 

Professor Gai oversees the Kaabo Cemetary whenever he does not have business on the mainland. Solorian remarked that it was Gai who first taught him the ways of the Ritualist. 

I talked with Sujun, the person that trains all budding rangers. He has a kind heart and is always trying to help out defenseless animals. 

Mist gives these mountains an otherworldly appearance, such beautiful sights are not uncommon on Shing Jea. 

On our way to fight some Sensali Tengu, Solorian pointed out the Zen Nai Falls to me. 

With the Sensali disposed, we went into the area where water from the falls collects into Lake Puang. Large subterranean caves connect much of Cantha to this source of water. Back when I was training here, I had to help with a “Naga infestation” problem here. 

Tapestries hanging on a bridge going to the Shrine of Maat, flow in the wind. Brother Sitai watches over the shrine and greets everyone that comes to visit. I can imagine that this would be a nice place to relax and mediate. 

On a much grander scale, we found the Zhengjo Temple which is nearby Minister Cho’s Estate. Even though it is very dark in here, rays of light shrine through and a gentle breeze can be felt. 

It would not be much of a temple without a shrine to kneel at. These can be found all over Shing Jea, and I always take a moment to pay respect before moving on. 

Looking behind us as we left the cave and wandered in search of more interesting sights, Minister Cho’s Estate looks huge. I have heard that originally it was much smaller, and due to an increasing amount of people living there they greatly expanded the compound. 

Solorian and I had a lot of fun visiting Sunqua Vale again, even though I didn’t know him while I trained here initially, we still had much to talk about. He even expressed a desire to follow me into Minister Cho’s Estate and help me explore there on another day. 

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items, and Yingko’s Claw
Outposts: Shing Jea Monastery, Minister Cho’s Estate, Tsumei Village
Exits: Kinya Province
Friends: Solorian D.