Jun 122010

I can still remember trying to defeat Shiro Tagachi with the power of the Spear of Archemorus and the Urn of Saint Viktor. Along with Togo, Mhenlo, and a few others, we destroyed his Shiro’ken only to learn that our he escaped us. I could clearly see Shiro now that I was closer to the stars, but he was still able to flee after we beat him up a bit. Togo suggested that we should talk with the Kurzicks and Luxons. Perhaps their combined strength can help me put an end to Shiro once and for all.

No one in my party doubted the importance of finding new allies, but uniting the Kurizcks and Luxons? That would take more time than we had. Catfish , Claire, Loreal, Harlequin, and Vengance followed me into Sunjiang District to explore the last major area of the city, and to perhaps gain insight into why Shiro came here.

Of course there is more sewage for us to go through in my quest. This particular area originally had a spirit controlled by Shiro during the mission to defeat him. Now all that resides here is a Monk’s Construct with some Afflicted and Shiro’ken at its side.

As we progressed further, we encountered even more of Shiro’s constructs. One in particular, the Warrior Construct proved to be difficult to fight. It strikes anyone surrounding it in a flurry of attacks!

Walking on the rooftops is a lot of fun, I think this is the only region where you can do that. Although you do have to watch how forcefully you land on them; you wouldn’t want to crash right through these poorly made roofs.

Looking at an area with towering apartment complexes and the water falling down. It almost gives me the impression that slums are built pretty much everywhere, even if it may be hazardous. I can’t blame the poor of Cantha for trying, but the ministry simply does not care about this at all.

After fighting almost all of the constructs, we came to hot room, with furnaces. Not as grand as the furnaces in Tyria, but still interesting nonetheless.

Past the constructs, we only encountered Afflicited and Am Fah gang members. Although what really caught my eye was this huge housing complex. It’s held up on several sides, and has a long platform where the “arms” reach. Above this platform is even more houses!

I found a better view of the platform above us as we fought more Am Fah in a narrow corridor.

The next area that I would invite my friends to would be the lovely Pongmei Valley. Vengance H., U. Loreal., Catfish J., Claire P., and Harlequin H. felt really good about finally being out of the worst parts of the city, and celebrated with me. I can’t wait to breathe in the fresh air in Pongmei Valley and to visit the Kurizcks shortly after that.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Zin Ku Corridor
Exits: Pongmei Valley
Friends: Catfish J, Claire P., U. Loreal, Harlequin H., Vengance H.