Apr 122010

The further I explore into the Southern Shiverpeaks, the more I come to appreciate the few outposts in this region. Some areas are without any, and travelers must go further to reach these isolated areas. Luckily Spearhead Peak is in the middle of two such outposts: Copperhammer Mines and The Granite Citadel. When asking my friends to accompany me on my expedition I also reminded them of this fact, and Adi, Forbidden V. and N. Squirrel decided to join me.

Not far from where we departed, I found this hunk of ice jutting out from the ground. Maybe it has some significance to the Ice Imps here.

Wide open spaces are a boon for those that take the time to look ahead of where they are going. As a ranger, I am always scouting out for danger to keep my party safe from ambushes. I noticed some enemies ahead, but more intriguing was the flag in the distance. This seems like Stone Summit territory, something we’d want to investigate closer.

Ascending up part of a mountainside, we reached its summit and found what appears to be a Stone Summit beacon, but not of the usual variety. There are a bunch of wooden planks inside a makeshift stone beacon. It doesn’t take much imagination to think that they probably light the wood on fire to either communicate with other Dwarves or alert nearby strongholds of danger here.

My friends continued on at a brisk pace, but I couldn’t help but keep my eyes on the look out for more interesting details. In the distance I spotted a bridge, and according to my map it should be within the area of Tasca’s Demise. Since that is my next stop, I will have to look for it when I get there.

Some Rock Ice engaged us in battle and we fought them along side their leaders Rune Ethercrash and Hail Blackice. I believe that this is the only area with this type of foe.

Seeing The Granite Citadel put our minds at ease. We only had a few more spots to check in Spearhead Peak before I was doing with my exploration. I’m sure when it’s over, everyone will rush toward this outpost to warm up!

Our last stop was this Stone Summit camp, it has a few furnaces and plenty of aggressive Dwarves. After finishing them off I thanked my friends Adi, Forbidden V., and N. Squirrel for helping me in Spearhead Peak. Most thrilled was my companion Forbidden V., who without celebrated our success with a flagon of Shamrock Ale.

Prized spoils: Five golden items, two elementalist tomes
Outposts: Copperhammer Mines, The Granite Citadel
Exits: Grenth’s Footprint
Friends: Forbidden V., Adi, N. Squirrel