Apr 192010

This is not the first time I have been to Sorrow’s Furnace. While traveling the Shiverpeaks, I helped the dwarves with a few tasks involving this area. This time I thought I would fully explore this curious place. I decided to put together a team of expert adventurers to accompany me. Erolin, Forbidden V., Goober K., and N. Squirrel were the lucky (or perhaps unlucky) souls willing to help out with my final assault on Sorrow’s Furnace. Besides exploration, our main objective was to defeat the Stone Summit’s dreaded Iron Forgeman.

Entering Sorrow’s Furnace, we were immediately drawn into battle with some Stone Summit Dwarves and their Dredge slaves. The interior of the cavern was filled with all manner of dwarven machinery and grim looking architecture. The air is filled with a strange and pungent odor, undoubtably caused by all the mining. Everything I was sensing told me to leave immediately, but at the same time I felt an obligation to prevent the Stone Summit from becoming a menace like the Charr.

We headed south and found more pillars, a waterfall, and mushrooms. Even in a sinister subterranean forge, beauty can be found.

To my amazement the Stone Basilica that High Priest Alkar destroy has been completely restored. I don’t know how or what did that, but in either case it means that someone else has the Tome of the Rubicon. Alkar told me that it cotains the true name of something called the Great Destroyer that wants to do away with their god, the Great Dwarf (and possibly us too). If the tome contains such unspeakable words, perhaps we should have just thrown it in a volcano.

Deep within this overgrown area we spotted some ruins known as Darkhaven. My friends and I couldn’t stop talking about how odd it was to find all this foliage left untouched by the Stone Summit. Apparently Sorrow’s Furnace used to be a scared place for the Deldrimor Dwarves.

Even stranger were these glowing “flowers”. More Dredge than usual can be found in the more lush areas such as this. Perhaps these flowers mean something to them. Getting a Dredge to talk to me was impossible because the Stone Summit have broken their wills and control them to the extent that they are mindless slaves. There have been some Dredge, such as Molachev, that have tried to amass a resistance, but it still seems pretty hopeless.

Erolin stopped during the end of our exploration of this part and gathered some mushrooms to see if they had any that would be suitable for medicine or cooking.

Returning closer the entrance and heading north, it wasn’t long before we heard loud noises just ahead of us. Then we kept traveling north and found these crushers.

Here there was a gap in the ceiling that let in light and bits of snow, illuminating the machinery.

Underneath, these chains are holding up a large void known as The Gap. I was more fascinated by the orange glowing lights that illuminated the path ahead of us though.

N. Squirrel had wonderful insight and carried a master gear round as we fought Stone Summit and explored. When we reached a bridge suspended high above us, she placed the gear inside the gearbox that controls this bridge. Of course on the other side more Stone Summit were waiting for our arrival too. *sigh*

A part of me is fascinated by what the Stone Summit dwarves have achieved in regards to mining and transporting of goods, but they have ruined the natural beauty of the land.

Getting a closer look at more strange structures they have built.

In my quest to explore Sorrow’s Furnace I’ve dragged my friends all over the place. The more we traveled, the more diversity we find. Here there is a large network of devices depending on master gears to keep things moving smoothly.

Deeper in we encountered several crushers that we had to watch carefully and travel across to reach another area.

When we reached the other side there was this large section with a fiery red glow that pulsated, known as Sorrow’s Belly.

Everyone was anxious to see the Iron Forgeman and after I spotted the Iron Arch, I assured them that we were almost there.

Of everything we’ve seen so far this has to be the most disturbing. Large cauldrons contain bubbling hot liquids, metal platforms lead into all directions and hundreds of chains hang down. More determined than ever, we rushed towards the Iron Forgeman and set out to destroy him once and for all.

Looking up at the hooks hanging from ceiling it is hard to believe what this place could have looked like before the Stone Summit took over.

A loud roar can be heard when fire erupts from the heart of the furnace, which it does every minute or so.

At last, the wicked Iron Forgeman was in our sights. He is a colossal one eyed golem that appears to be locked into the center of this room. However our attempts to attack him directly failed. In order to defeat him, we had to defeat the three Rage Binders that controlled him. He violently fell apart after that, and from his “corpse” rose three flame djinn.

I was able to draw the attention of one djinn at first, which proved no problem for us to defeat. After that the other two engaged us and if not for our monks we may have fallen in battle to them.

Our heroic deeds have brought Tyria a few more moments of rest, but I am sure that we will be called upon again in the near future.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items (and two green items on my way to Sorrow’s Furnace)
Outposts: None
Exits: Grenth’s Footprint
Friends: Erolin, N. Squirrel, Forbidden V., Goober K.