Apr 152010

I have been dreading this moment ever since I arrived in the Southern Shiverpeaks. Exploring Snake Dance itself does not bother me, but to easily access the two areas beyond it, Dreadnought’s Drift and Lornar’s Pass, I must continue on my journey immediately after I finish Snake Dance. Knowing that no one in their right mind would accompany me on this painfully long trip, I begged my good friend Erolin to join me once again. Of course she was hesitant at first, but after mentioning that her heroic deeds would last forever in my epic diary: A Tyrian Odyssey, she accepted.

Like most areas, Snake Dance can be summed up with the words “snow and mountains”. While this is true, I have also found some beautiful natural features of the Shiverpeaks, such as this icy passage way.

As we explored deeper into the area, we began to really hate having to fight in the snow. Sometimes during battle the snow fall would be so concentrated that it was nearly impossible to see what monstrosities were attacking us!

On a cliff side looking down into the foggy abyss, I spotted a cave leading into an area unknown to me. I suspect that if I were to go in there I would find more Mountain Trolls.

When I look at these steep mountains, it is no wonder why even such a great man as Tasca Marshall fell while traversing them.

In one particular ice cave found near the passage to Dreadnought’s Drift, Erolin pointed out that there was a gaping hole in the center of the ceiling, where light shone through.

Erolin and I set off in a hurry after we fully explored the area, because we didn’t want to reach Lornar’s Pass when night fell.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Camp Rankor
Exits: Grenth’s Footprint, Dreadnought’s Drift
Friends: Erolin