Feb 092010

Unlike most of the areas I have been to so far, the Maguuma Jungle can be very hard to navigate through. With paths leading to dead ends, and vine bridges going over areas you need to get under! So when Nox and I started exploring the Silverwood, I made sure to check my map often to avoid getting too lost!

This is the third type of maguuma housing design I’ve come across so far. The first being some sort of clay houses in Sage Lands, and then the glowing abodes in Mamnoon Lagoon. These seem to be mostly made out of wood.

I checked out some flowers while Nox and our hired-help took a break.

Out of all the enemies in this area that you will encounter, the majority of them will be centaurs. Here it looks like some sort of “warning post” that was most possibly made by the centaurs.

These “natural lights” seem to be pretty frequent in the Maguuma Jungle! Maybe when the druids were still in their human form, they gathered around these and conversed.

Fighting trolls with my Vabbian flatbow of trollslaying!

We came across this very odd structure, it looks like a tent with unmarked flags and two stone tablets smeared with blood!

Some more houses like the ones I found earlier in Mamnoon Lagoon.

Just beyond the wild vines is the Shining Blade’s outpost: Quarrel Falls.

To the far north east of the Silverwood, there is a waterfall and a path to Mamnoon Laggon.

Nearby the waterfall is Alari Doubleblade. She seemed pretty pleased to chat with us at first, but quickly grew silent when we brought up her fellow Shining Blade member: Hayda! I wonder what Hayda did wrong this time… *sigh*

Even though I used my map of the Silverwood, we still manage to miss a few centaurs that wander this area. So it was a cause for celebration when we finally tracked them down!

Prized spoils: One golden item and one ranger tome
Outposts: Bloodstone Fen, Quarrel Falls
Exits: Mamnoon Lagoon, Ettin’s Back
Friends: Nox