Jun 292010

At first I was a bit nervous to explore the area known as SIlent Surf. Besides dealing with angry fish and outcasts, there are a lot of saltspray dragons here. I heard that before the Jade Wind hit they were nice, but now they attack anyone that approaches them. Thankfully Solorian D., U. Loreal and Zetta were brave enough to help me today.

To the right of where I entered, there is an inaccessible area where a large ship and two slow moving turtles can be seen.

We headed back to where we started and went left, under this canopy. Although instead of enjoying the shade, we were attacked by the Afflicted.

Further along, a swarm of bugs got in our face while we had to fight even more Afflicted.

The amount of islands in Silent Surf gives us a fantastic advantage: we can watch our enemies from above and plan out the best course of action. Although sometimes the outcasts, afflicted, and angry sea life would kill each other and save us the trouble.

Looking down at an active jade mining operation, I wondered out loud if the Luxons ever sell trinkets made out of jade to anyone else. I am sure a lot of wealthy Canthans would love an ornate statue made of jade. Then I suggested that even adventurers might want giant gauntlets made of jade but everyone laughed at me and said that was absurd!

We must have been talking very loudly because we caught the attention of some saltspray dragons and jade torn kirin. It’s very jarring when the dragons teleport right in front of you and roar as they cast spells on your party.

Some of the boats here have been salvaged for materials. The Luxons use this to create new structures to better suit their new way of life.

Walking along the Jade Sea feels very strange. I am pretty used to it by now, but the act itself feels so unnatural. It also felt pretty strange to find so many nice items during battle. I joked that Zetta was our good luck charm.

Sometimes I wonder if us adventurers stand a chance against Shiro. He let out a wail that had the power to turn this sea into jade. Seeing these waves is a reminder of his awesome power. It also reminds me that no matter what, we need to stop him from causing more destruction in the world.

With help from Solorian D., Zetta, and U. Loreal the monsters in this area were easily defeated and I got a chance to fully explore Silent Surf. Loreal was especially happy with the hammer she took from an outcast leader named Sentasi, the Jade Maul.

Prized Spoils: 6 golden items, one elite necromancer tome, one monk tome, Ritual Lord’s Staff
Outposts: Leviathan Pits, Seafarers Rest, Unwaking Waters (outpost)
Exits: None
Friends: Solorian D., U. Loreal, So Zetta S.