Jun 092010

The Shenzun Tunnels have a lot in common with the Undercity. Both of them have a lot of raw sewage, Am Fah and Afflicted monsters. So I was very surprised when six people offered to help me explore this area. Surely Xia H. D., Catfish J, Vengance H., Morganna D., Harlequin H. and Eirene E. must be mad. After exploring this area, I think it might be best to throw my armor in the trash and buy a new set. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get the stink of this area off of me!

Nearby the outpost of Senji’s Corner, I spoke with a collector and member of the Obsidian Flame assassin guild. He asked us for some jade bracelets but I did not have any. I don’t think the Jade Brotherhood even lives around here. Before he shooed us off, I asked about his guild’s most famous member: Nika. Even though it is the only guild that is supported by the ministry, he did not tell me more about it.

I am not happy about breathing in the hot, musty, sewage air which seems to be everywhere.

There are some interesting globes of light, strung about on this network of pipes. It’s a shame their light only shines for the benefit of the afflicted here.

A group of Am Fah were laying traps for us, if we dared to walk into their territory. They don’t do a good job of laying enough of them, because you can just walk around the area where their rangers put the traps. To be more effective, they would have to lay them from the wall to the edge of the platform in a line.

Deeper into the Am Fah’s “territory”, we fought one of their leaders: Rien, the Matyr. This spot had the burning remains of a structure, which leads me to believe that the Am Fah are responsible for the destruction in Nahpui Quarter.

Not only do the buildings reach toward the sky (and over the smog), but so do the pipes.

In the background, the celestial sky of Nahpui Quarter gives us something nice to look at.

We encountered many Afflicited in a portion of Shenzun Tunnels that has deep raw sewage. Of course we had to go INTO the sewage to fight them. *sigh*

The path to Tahnnakai Temple is equally unpleasant. Although at least the sewage is beneath our feet this time.

Wandering around, we came across an area inhabited by commoners and city guards stationed here. No Am Fah dared to bother anyone, although perhaps that is because this portion isn’t filthy enough for them.

Finding a new cat in this area was the highlight of my day, although I wonder why they are always orange tabbies.

Everyone was delighted that to finish exploring the Shenzun Tunnels. We celebrated in the only nice part of the area. I thanked Eirene, Vengance, Harlequin, Morganna, Catfish and Xia for their help and gave them the address of an excellent dry cleaner I knew of.

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item, one ranger tome
Outposts: Maatu Keep, Tahnnakai Temple, Sunjiang District
Exits: Xaquang Skyway
Friends: Xia H. D., Catfish J, Vengance H., Morganna D., Harlequin H., Eirene E.