May 312010

I will take time to explain the events that occurred in Vizunah Square, since this area is incredibly small. Master Togo first asked me to help him meet Brother Mhenlo in Vizunah Square to find out more on the plague. Foreign adventurers also joined in with myself and other graduates of the monastery. Nearing the end of our mission, I had no idea that Shiro would emerge and kill us all! Then the envoys resurrected us when he had left and explained to us how to become closer to the stars and defeat him. After all of this, we were transported to the Dragon’s Throat outpost.

I staggered through the passage half-sentient. It’s hard for me to focus on fighting the afflicted and jade brotherhood thugs when I can’t stop thinking about Shiro.

Seeing the ray of light made me pause for a moment and recollect myself. Life can be overwhelming but to dwell on it just hampers you even more.

Reaching the end of the exploration of Shadow’s Passage, I saw the entrance to Bukdek Byway. So far I had only seen piles of garbage, pipes and tunnels blocked with grates. Now more than ever I miss wandering on Shing Jea.

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item
Outposts: Dragon’s Throat
Exits: Bukdek Byway