Nov 192010

Deep in the Maguuma Jungle, a conflict between a member of the Ebon Vanguard and a lone assassin took place. Some Shining Blade scouts who were patrolling the area clued me in on the battle and I rushed there to investigate.
I found a broken sword on the ground in Ettin’s Back. Needless to say, I brought it back to the scrying pool in the Eye of the North.

A clear picture started to form immediately when I approached the scrying pool with the broken sword. Gwen was thrilled to see that Keiran was still alive, and I was ready to watch a good fight.
Keiran and Miku have made their way into the Aurora Glade and are continuing to chase the White Mantle and their Peacekeepers.

They were chatting pretty often at this point (to Gwen’s dismay). What caught their attention the most, was that it was strange to see so much White Mantle out in the Maguuma Jungle. Shouldn’t they be gathering to storm Lion’s Arch with the rest of their troops? Something important is drawing the White Mantle here and they were determined to find out.

In the area where I fought the demagogue a couple years ago, they found a large camp with enemies and caravans. After they eliminated their threat, I saw Keiran investigate the caravans to find more clues.

Around the corner there was a tree trunk platform with a note on it. I could tell right away that it was something bad because the color from Keiran’s face began to drain.
It seems that even though a large force is going to assault Lion’s Arch, some White Mantle are going into deep hiding, shedding their uniforms, lurking in the jungle, and biding their time. The worst news from the missive is that a small group of White Mantle are headed to Beetletun under the guise of the Shining Blade to attack the villagers. Their goal is to cause chaos among the people of Kryta and make them distrust their new queen.

Again, just as things were getting good the scrying pool swirled out of focus. Gwen was talking to herself. She was consumed with guilt and coming to realize that she wanted to change for Keiran. It meant everything to her that she must find him and embrace him.
I thought it was nice to see Gwen opening up to her feelings. Although I find it uncomfortable to watch her emotional outbursts when she suddenly screams at people or starts crying when she thinks that no one is around.