Jun 292011

I spotted a passage that leads into the Depths of Tyria earlier during my exploration of Drakkar Lake, but didn’t investigate it until now. Two dwarves: Outrunner Remlok and Sage Bollnar stand by the passage waiting for brave souls to help them. Inside this Sepulchre of Dragrimmar lies the legendary Anvil of Dragrimmar, said to have been used by Droknar himself to craft wondrous weapons. Of course this anvil was heavily guarded, so I brought along a powerful mesmer to keep the awaiting ice elementals frustrated while I fill their bodies with arrows. Malory K. presented himself as an invaluable asset, I hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

Inside this “dungeon”, we found the proofs of virtue that Sage Bollnar told us about. If you don’t activate them, most of the dungeon is sealed off with doors. This one was the proof of strength, later on I will find one of duty and kinship. Hopefully those are guarded by a few less snowball machines.

I was so focused on finding the proofs that I didn’t take a good look around the room. There are several ghastly looking statues here. It’s easy to miss them because it’s so dark. They also reminded us of the statues seen in the Echovald Forest.

I’ve met many collectors of items in Tyria, but none like this. Here our pack-rat friend Jovial Pete is just a corpse. The note attached to him mentions we can take ONE item if we bring him 5 dryder webs. Taking any more would cause him to haunt us. Nearby we also found a dungeon map, which wasn’t of great use to us. I planned on exploring the entire dungeon anyway.

The crystallized features can be quite a sight to behold, but this looks more like a big mess.

Malory drew my attention to this face, which slowly moves across this diamond shaped feature of the dungeon. We tried communicating with it to no avail. I even asked Outrunner Remlok what it is, but he didn’t seem to care. In fact he seemed quite disappointed that we were more interested in exploring than getting to the anvil right away.

Moving on, we found even more of these faces. I have no idea what they were designed for, but nothing terrible has happened when they look at us. I’m speculating, but perhaps they were just meant to immortalize their creator.

Speaking of creators, who designed these dungeons in the Depths of Tyria anyway? Here is a set of two Grenth statues and ornate pillars.

Across from those statues is a wonderful mural depicting a strange creature. At least this designer had some great taste in artwork.

Malory remarked that he’d seen similar pillars in Ascalon. I agree with him, but why are they here? I wonder if there is some great unknown builder for much of the ancient architecture in Tyria. My friend chuckled and said “the gods”.

Oh yes and how could I forget about the wonderful spell I learned from High Priest Alkar. For the cheap exchange of 3 destroyer cores he taught me how to find hidden treasure in dungeons. When used, you gain the ability to sense where hidden treasure is, and when you come across it (appearing as a glowing ball on the floor) and use it again it rises from the floor. Alkar mentioned that I could find wonderful treasure such as rubies or even the aid of a dwarven ghost. Unfortunately all I received was a bit of gold.

Even though I have Malory to keep me company, I feel very alone down here. I’m not used to being underground and surrounded by nothing but cold rock and ice. The closest outposts seem so far away now. It’s also likely that if you died down here, no one would be able to find and retrieve your body.

Throughout the Sepulchre of Dragrimmar were these Regents of Ice; minions of the Remnant of Antiquities. They are powerful elementalists that focus on water magic. I found it easy to ignore his damage, but without Malory’s help this creature could easily bring down one of our less resistant allies. I’m sure interrupting powerful spell casting enemies will be a reoccurring tactic in my travels through the Depths of Tyria. With this last Regent of Ice destroyed, we continued on into the passage way leading to the second level.

According to the dungeon map, this level is much smaller. That just means there are more foes into a smaller space, right? Ha ha ha

Fighting back the ice elementals, avalanches (foes, not snowfall), imps and dryders we came across a curious sight. Beyond a wall of ice there were dozens of trees. They’re hard to notice at first, but luckily I chose to look around before rushing ahead.

The anvil was guarded by the Remnant of Antiquities and beyond the path leading to it was lava and a cauldron. Not something I’d expect to see in an icy dungeon, but you need heat to forge anything with that anvil, right?

After defeating the Remnant of Antiquities (which was easy with a mesmer), a large chest appeared in its place. Not only were we rewarded by Remlok, but also gained a golden item from this mysterious chest. If all dungeons are like this, I’m looking forward to exploring them. Malory also seemed eager to help me with dungeons, so long as it didn’t dirty up his expensive suit too much.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items, onyx gemstone
Outposts: None
Exits: Drakkar Lake
Friends: Malory K.