May 302012

When I explored the Far Shiverpeaks, every so often I’d find pieces of a treasure map. The norn I talked to mentioned that a dwarf by the name Koris Deeprunner was looking for the completed map.

Malory was with me when I met Koris looking for the reward of completing his map. But instead of handing over a few gold he asked us to accompany him into the Depths of Tyria to reach the Lost Treasure of King Hundar!

Entering into the depths, we were confronted by massive groups of… *sigh* snowmen. Apparently this king’s treasure is located deep with in a secret lair of the snowmen. I tried to talk with them and explain I didn’t care about their secret lair, but they took offense at my words because this area is holy to them.

Like many of the accessible underground spots in the Far Shiverpeaks, the snowmen’s lair shares the same ice crystal appearance.

Walking through the icy passages, we spotted two snowmen up ahead that hurled large snowballs down towards us. It is an easy obstacle to avoid, but it seems these snowmen will do just about anything to stop us.

Soon we encountered more snowmen and turrets that fire snowballs at trespassers. Being hit by these can slow you down momentarily and leave you open for more snowball attacks from the snowmen.

Along with the snowball turrets were these icy jets that hindered our movement as we made our way deeper inside.

These Wintersday Moa seem to be rare in Tyria and only inhabit this small pocket of the depths. Although they look like ordinary moa birds with jingle bells, the snowmen regard them as sacred to their secret lair. As such, I didn’t attempt to tame one to take it back home.

Koris Deeprunner started to get excited as we approached the final chamber of the lair. I, on the other hand, took a moment to look at this icy window into the lands above us. Bats flew around the rays of light and snowflakes softly drifted into the lair.

Finally we met with the last of the snowmen and their leader Freezie. They had amassed even more snowmen to prevent us from reaching the treasure and violating their holy ground. Unfortunately for them, I always bring my enchanted bow which lets me shoot fire arrows. Our battle didn’t last long, and after I released a barrage of fire arrows, their bodies melted and all that remained were their top hats, coal, and pipes.

Koris was disappointed to find that all the king had left him was some ale. He’d spent what I assume were years trying to find the map pieces or at least someone else who had. In a fit of rage he grabbed one barrel and drank from it. In that moment the look on his face changed from that of anger to pure joy. The king had left Koris not just some ale, but apparently the best dwarven ale along with a recipe.

I had no interest in trying it or negotiating to copy the recipe, but Koris graciously thanked us and insisted we take some goods from the nearby chest. Malory and I took our loot and left the dwarf to his “research” at the bottom of King Hundar’s barrels.


Prized spoils: 1 golden item, spiked eggnog, and a snowman summoner
Outposts: Umbral Grotto
Exits: None
Friends: Malory K.