May 122010

Few people remember passing through Saoshang Trail because it lies between two major outposts: Shing Jea Monastery and Seitung Harbor. The only foes you will find here are mantids, which can be dealt with easily. Even though it is such a small stretch of land, if you stop to look around, you can catch a nice view. Solorian the ritualist is joining me once again to explore Shing Jea Island.

Far out into the distance, I spotted the Monastery Overlook.

Linnok Courtyard is an ever smaller area behind Saoshang Trail, where no foes can be encountered. The guards situated inside block new students from leaving, so they do not wander into the harbor and sail back home!

Every now and then when I explore Tyria, I see things that make me feel detached from the world. The mist between these mountains looks otherworldly, like something you only see in an illustration on a scroll or tapestry.

Breathing in the mountain air makes trekking through here more enjoyable.

Before we knew it, the exploration was over. I asked Solorian to come with me into Jaya Bluffs since we still had extra time. He had business to attend to in Kaineng City, but promised to accompany me on the following day.

Prized Spoils: Nothing
Outposts: Shing Jea Monastery, Seitung Harbor
Exits: Linnok Courtyard
Friends: Solorian D.