Mar 062010

Most travelers coming to the desert know of the best routes to use in order to avoid some of the nastier monsters here. To my knowledge, most people try and avoid the Salt Flats due to its high monster population of stormkin. These tentacled fiends love to interrupt not only spellcasters but also anyone that attacks!
Lately it has been relatively easy to find help during my expeditions, but for this area only miss Erolin was available. To be honest, it is nice that my long term friend is coming with me. I would feel bad bringing a new found friend into such a treacherous area.

I was surprised when a bolt of lightning struck the ground not far from where we were headed.

I found smoke and heard the sound of fire crackling, but I could not see any flames. Perhaps lightning struck here not too long ago?

More Giganticus Lupicus bones. These seem to be very common in the Crystal Desert. I wonder what caused these creatures to die out.

I first encountered these strange circular pond-like formations in Prophet’s Path. They kind of remind me of a scrying pond.

It didn’t take us long to locate some bleached bones with a journal entry in the Salt Flats. This particular entry is quite saddening though. It’s times like this that I am very grateful for an experienced monk at my side. In dire times, monks are always a boon to a party! They tend to your wounds and lift up your spirit, helping you overcome opposition.

“… Our rations were exhausted two days ago. We held out as long as we could, but this afternoon we voted to amputate Cerzak’s injured leg and distribute the meat equally among us. Even if he survives, he’ll not walk again. But if we don’t do this thing, as vile as it is, none of us will live to see another day.”

These archways have a griffon motif, and the gates have a primitive but effective mechanism to open and close.

Looking out at the sandy plains ahead of us, we found several stormkin just waiting to interrupt us! How lovely. *sigh* I have always admired the talents of mesmers, but they are certainly not something you want to fight against.

This is the area that is obscured behind the wall in the previous area. A talented ghostly artisan by the name of Sennat Sen can be found here amongst scarabs, devouers, and stormkin.

It’s hard to think of what this area once looked like when all the architecture was standing upright.

I didn’t expect to find a statue of Glint all the way out here. Maybe she really likes this area?

Another fallen statue of the female warrior I keep seeing.

This raised area made me think that it was once used as a gathering place for the humans that once lived here. Several of the “tents” located here have different colored flags hanging on them.

Erolin noticed a skull on the ground, but it did not have a journal entry with it.

After a long day of exploring, we rested under a tent and I shared some water and minotaur jerky I bought in Amnoon Oasis with Erolin.

Prized spoils: Five golden items, one elite monk tome
Outposts: Seeker’s Passage
Exits: Prophet’s Path, Skyward Reach, Diviner’s Ascent
Friends: Erolin