Feb 062010

If I had to sum up the Maguuma Jungle in one word, it would be: mysterious. Long ago, a group of humans known as “druids” lived here, but left without a trace! Their whereabouts remain unknown, but through my travels I may stumble upon some clues.

As I was packing up my things to explore the Sage Lands, a young necromancer by the name of Lotun asked to accompany me. I’ve hardly ever turned down an offer for help, and sometimes it’s best not to refuse the help of these dark spellcasters!

Devourers such as these are a common sight in the Sage Lands, along with scarabs, spiders, vicious plants, and wind riders.
Although the wind riders hex and interrupt you, I couldn’t say that these foes pose much of a threat to a well planned party of adventures. With Lotun fighting by my side, an otherwise useless monster corpse is transformed into an unholy ally!

Not far from the empty houses, we found this magnificent waterfall!

At the base of the falls, it’s difficult to hear anything over the roaring waters. Everything here seems to be magical, even the water.

I wonder what could have made this “lantern”? Perhaps the goddess Melandru herself shaped it to her liking.

From here, I think I can spot a holy shrine at the end of this path.

Tucked away in a small corner to the east is a statue to the goddess, Lyssa.

The gods had blessed the world with favor at this moment, and we were granted an audience with Lyssa’s Muse!

While walking around, I heard the faint call of a coyote in the background as I inspected some of the plant life around me.

Quite possibly one of the strangest things I have seen in my travels thus far. Holes have been burrowed into this rock by something. Perhaps spiders or devourers rest here at night.

I have a feeling that I’ll be seeing a lot more spider webs on my way through the Maguuma Jungle! (Too bad they’re not cute little orange ones!)

It was quite an adventure exploring the Sage Lands, and with my fellow Canthan companion we discovered just how diverse this region can be!

Prized spoils: One lockpick, and six golden items
Outposts: Druid’s Overlook, The Wilds
Exits: Majesty’s Rest, Mamnoon Lagoon
Friends: Lotun