Nov 012011

Threats to Pyre’s warband seem to be a daily occurrence, but today Gron Fiercelaw brought something important to my attention. Their enemy Rragar Maneater has been developing a new type of monster called fleshreavers to unleash on our charr and human allies. So Malory and I set out to the southwest corner of Sacnoth Valley, and entered into Rragar’s Menagerie.

Bioluminescent plants lit up the entrance, making it easy to spot a friendly ooze creature. It begged us for something to eat, but we didn’t have anything it liked. Malory thought he found something in the shallow pool of water, so he tossed aside his clothes and searched for a while. He only found a few shiny stones and bone fragments, but I found the whole ordeal entertaining.

After this slight distraction, I recalled seeing similar plants in the Echovald Forest. I wondered what sort of other interesting flora I will find in the Depths of Tyria.

Gron was quite specific about killing all the fleshreavers, so I tried to be very thorough with our search in the caves. One of the first groups we encountered, were actually fighting their charr handlers. It seems that Rragar’s creations need more training.

To the right of this encounter, there is a steep cliff overseeing two active volcanos in the distance. What a breath taking sight! Unfortunately I can’t just sit here all day and take in sights, we have to stop the fleshreavers from harming our friends.

Moving on, we kept getting into battles with charr, ooze, and more fleshreavers. We even met Rragar once, but nearing death he fled deeper into the caves.

There are two paths to the locked door that separates us from Rragar, but I decided to clear both. Like I mentioned earlier, all of these fleshreaver abominations must be destroyed. And I can’t fulfill my promise to Gron otherwise.

A group of charr at the entrance of the second cave system taunted us. When we approached they sped off, with one charr in particular laughing and dangling a key in one paw. I managed to sprint and catch up with them before they could close a large door. Moments later, Malory and the rest of the group caught up and helped me finish off the charr. Our quick movements secured the key that no doubt unlocks the final door on this level.

Fleshreaver groups became more and more common as we progressed. In these groups, there are three distinct fleshy forms assigned to specific abilities. A large griffon shape for monk’s smiting magic, a slender gargoyle with a ritualist’s channeling magic, and a powerful harpy body that wields a spear and shouts like a paragon. Out of all three, I dread the fleshy griffon that casts Ray of Judgment, a powerful beam of light which envelops a large area and burns your skin.

Determined not to let Rragar run off again, I shouted at my party to just target him. But he fled swiftly and immediately after the battle broke out while the rest of his group kept us occupied.

Before unlocking the final door to the third area, I had a quick look around. Here I found a group of ornate pillars in decent shape, and plants soaking up water from this shallow pool.

Nearing the end of Rragar’s Menagerie, we found a group of charr and fleshreavers working tother. These must be more well trained, or perhaps well fed creations.

Up ahead in a room with multiple paths, a large mess of roots hang from the ceiling. Whatever tree this belongs to must be huge. However we wondered if it was a healthy tree, since these roots do not seem to be getting nutrients.

These delightful blue fireflies danced in the air on our path Rragar’s sanctum. I’ve seen these in North Kryta Province and outside the Holdings of Chokhin. It was nice to look at something down here besides grotesque fleshy monsters.

With no where else to run, Rragar set against us with his greatest fleahreaver creation: Hidesplitter. I had enough with his tricks and killed the charr first before putting his creation to rest. This turned out to be a good strategy, because Rragar would mark us with a hex that made us more vulnerable to Hidesplitters assault.

Looking around in Rragar’s room before heading back to Doomlore Shrine, I saw a pair of eyes stared back at me! A face carved into the rocks, had “eyes” crafted in such a way that they seem to follow you around the room. There were also rocks floating in the air, which made me think that perhaps the asura have something to do with this spot.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items, The Maneater
Outposts: None
Exits: Sacnoth Valley
Friends: Malory K.