Jun 052010

Only after I had defeated Inquisitor Lashona, Bauer and Lovisa did Princess Salma inform me of a new plan to eliminate one of the remaining Mursaat leaders. Wiliem the Demeaning is at the Temple of the Unseen in Riverside Province and is preparing for an assault on the Shining Blade. Solorian and I met with Blade Operative Paulina in Sanctum Cay, where we boarded her small ship and arrived at the docks in Riverside Province.

The swampy area is no longer populated with undead, instead White Mantle minions have taken their place. I suspected that after the Lich was killed that there would be less undead in Kryta.

The Temple of the Unseen was heavily fortified, so we decided to search for some keys that would help us take the easier path.

I found it strange that the Krytan peasants I talked to hated the White Mantle and the Mursaat. Surely this kind of talk will get him killed! Are the people of Kryta so fed up with being oppressed that they will risk their lives to openly speak out?

Ven the Conservator held one of the two keys we needed. Out of all the mesmer bosses I have fought, he was one of the least challenging.

I have to give Degaz the Cynical some points for going with a nice theme. All of the spells he cast have “gaze” in their name. I tried to avoid all the unnecessary enemies in Riverside, but he held a key I needed, so I had to kill him.

We made our way back to the Temple of the Unseen and as I touched the switch that opened up a back route, an arrow from Cairn the Cunning zipped over my head. Solorian and I were infused, but unfortunately Dunham never bothered to visit the Seer and quickly fell in battle to this formidable Jade construct. While my henchman was being resurrected, we finished off Cairn.

It makes sense to find a confessor here, but until now I have not heard of Confessor Kimii. I think Ven should taken some notes from Kimii, as she was better prepared to deal with us. Even though her group was somewhat challenging, it wasn’t long before we overpowered them and moved on.

Looking at the fortified area that we intentionally avoided, I noticed more White Mantle, a Jade construct and an Ether Seal. It’s times like this that I value having a sensible ritualist in the party. Had a warrior been in my party, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran straight into the Ether Seal and tried to take on everything at once. Most of my friends are not that bad, but I have met many foolish fighters.

Just a single Mursaat leader was waiting for us. I’ve always wondered about how these strange creatures live and breed. Even though I am allied with the Shining Blade, I would absolutely love being able to chat with a Mursaat. If they are so intelligent, why won’t they try talking to us? I must stop thinking too much in battle. I came here on a mission and Wiliem the Demeaning did not hesitate to use spectral agony as we approached him. With all of the Jade constructs and White Mantle taken care of, finishing off Wiliem was easy.

Solorian and I returned to give our report to Princess Salma and were rewarded handsomely for our deeds.

~ 1079 A.E.
Friends: Solorian D.