Mar 112012

While I waited for Elwin to meet me in Rata Sum, I decided to talk to a few asurans about their recent movement to the surface and the quick construction of their new city. I hardly learned anything of importance. Most of them shooed me off saying I was interrupting important research. Perhaps they were worried I was spying on their research, but I really just wanted to compliment them on the architecture their people have designed.

After killing enough time, Elwin showed up and we left the eastern gate to fully explore Riven Earth.

Following along the eastern path we reached the location of project G.O.L.E.M (Genius Operated Living Enchanted Manifestation). It’s a very useful and complicated foundry that generates golems to combat the destroyers. The completion of it required uniting three otherwise very uncooperative asurans: Renk, Oola, and Gadd. Unfortunately Gadd died while trying to boost G.O.L.E.M’s power, and it was only after learning this that we also discovered Gadd was Vekk’s father, which explained the conflict between them. In the end though, Vekk was devastated by the loss of his father. Later on during this exploration, I’ll show where they put his ashes to rest.

Heading up back north, we reached a damp cave full of young raptors and their mother. Unfortunately these are vicious creatures and stepping into their territory sends them into a frenzy.

After that bit of unavoidable combat, we found a jar of invigoration at the end of the cave. Elwin inspected the jar for magical powers and discovered that if you drop the jar, it will cause you to feel more energetic.

The roar of this spectacular waterfall could be heard long before it came into view.

Earlier I mentioned of Gadd’s passing. This bridge is where his funeral took place. Vekk said a few words about his father and mentioned the Eternal Alchemy, a belief the asura hold about their role in the world. I was a bit surprised to find out that Vekk and Gadd were related, especially after the words they exchanged in the Bloodstone Caves. We all paid our respects to Gadd for his help during G.O.LE.M. and then Vekk poured the ashes over the bridge which disappeared into the mists of the waterfall.

The loss of Gadd really made me think about the urgency of rallying against the Destroyers. Luckily I still have a fair bit of time to explore the Tarnished Coast before everyone is fully prepared to attack. These newly discovered areas of Tyria are beautiful, especially the Tarnished Coast. We were quite surprised to find this earthy bridge with several floating islands.

Our monk allies got a bit nervous when I got close to the edge to look around for monsters patrolling the area.

No monsters were in sight, but I did get a good view at the lush scenery of Riven Earth.

Taking the bridge north-east, we spotted a large area full of spider nests.

We even found a group of spiders that had managed to kill a ceratadon.

It took Elwin and I quite a while to fully cover the accessible parts of Riven Earth. Perhaps sometime when I’m not always being called on to vanquish evil, I can see about exploring the rivers of Tyria on a boat. Sometimes I get really excited about that idea when I spot passages like the one below.

We ended our exploration on the spot of an active Destroyer hive. Needless to say, we killed them all and I laid down a frozen soil spirit just to be sure that work was permanent. *laughs*

Prized Spoils: 5 golden items
Outposts: Rata Sum
Exits: Arbor Bay, Alcazia Tangle
Friends: Elwin L.