Nov 192010

Keiran’s adventure with Miku was thrilling to watch. So I headed to Beetletun to investigate about the battle that took place. One of the villagers told me of a lone White Mantle guard that fled from battle out into the wilderness of Watchtower Coast. The villager was furious that the White Mantle put on disguises to fool them. He chased that coward and tore apart his uniform during the fight.
I went to that same spot and found a scrap of the mantle’s guise and took it back to the Eye of the North. The scrying pool responded when I arrived with the guise.

As soon as Keiran and Miku arrived, so did the “Shining Blade”. They charged the villagers to either pay the queen’s new taxes in money or blood. They declared that since this village looked poor, they would just slaughter all of them.

Keiran shouted out to the villagers that they had been deceived, and to join him in fighting back. With Lieutenant Keiran Thackeray at their sides, the villagers felt confident in defending off their new threat. Everyone has worked so hard to drive the White Mantle away and live peacefully in Kryta.

Gwen shrieked when she saw wave after wave come at Beetletun. She saw some villagers fall as they tried to defend the two main entrances. The thought of being in the Eye of the North and watching Keiran’s demise made her weep uncontrollably. I wanted to comfort her, but in order to scry on them I needed to concentrate.

I knew that Keiran and Miku would come out of the battle victorious. The conflict was thrilling to watch, because I knew nothing horrible would happen. Beetletun suffered some large casualties, but their fresh deaths were remedied by a priest. (Isn’t resurrection fantastic?)

Miku complimented Keiran on coming to the villagers aid and rallying them to fight off the White Mantle. She even asked if he wanted to follow her to take care of her unfinished business.
Keiran kindly refused and said he had someone he needed to return to. They said their goodbyes and parted ways.

When the image faded away I noticed that I was holding onto Keiran’s bow very tightly. I guess the intensity of the combat and Gwen’s shrieking caused me to tense up.

She was so overjoyed that Keiran departed from Miku to seek her out. She demanded of me to come with her and meet up with Keiran in the Northern Shiverpeaks. I hope that after all of this I can stop running errands for Gwen and get into some combat of my own.