Jun 292010

I enjoyed waiting in Seafarer’s Rest for any strangers that wanted to help me in my quest to explore Rhea’s Crater. This is because the outpost used to be a fancy resort for the Luxon elite. Only Zetta showed up to help me, so we continued to wait a while and help ourselves to Luxon cuisine. We started with a hot bowl of scuttlefish soup, followed by irukandji and seaweed salad, yeti liver paté, saltspray dragon steak, and some poached pears for dessert. No one else showed up, so Zetta and I set out to Rhea’s Crater.

Like Silent Surf, there are some of the Afflicted to fight here. Fortunately they are limited to a few groups and then you mostly encounter outcasts. One strange thing about the Afflicted was that a beast I’ve heard called Focus of Hanuku was among them. Is this Zhu Hanuku’s little brother or something?

The wooden platforms in this area were no doubt put in place to help with the mining of jade.

It is amazing how much jade they have carved out of the landscape.

This maze of wooden platforms seems excessive and unnecessary. Do they really need this to support the mining operation?

My jaw dropped when I looked down and saw water. Not the solid jade water, I mean real moving water. It only appears at the very bottom of Rhea’s Crater. The miners must have spent decades trying to dig down this far.

I couldn’t believe it. At first I thought that it might be rain water. However it seems that the Jade Wind only affected the sea to a certain point. There is water to be found, but it is hidden very far from the surface.

Moving on, I stopped to admire more of the work done on the Jade Sea by the miners. It also made me ponder what has been said about the Aurios Mines which are not far from here. “Relics of a mysterious race, possibly an offshoot of the Deldrimor dwarves, have been uncovered in this productive jade mine.” Does this mean that some ancient dwarves sailed to that spot and some of their possessions are being uncovered there? That sounds so hard to believe. Even stranger is that demonic beings known as the Shadow of Kanaxai are found deep within the mines. I have heard that their overlord: Kanaxai lies deep below Cavalon, but I am not sure I have the guts to face him yet.

A huge leviathan trapped in jade surprised me when I turned around to look at where we were walking. If the old sea was populated by these, I am not sure that I would want to set foot on a Luxon ship and go on fishing trips.

Another leviathan and some small fish trapped in jade were found by an outcast leader: Incetol, Devout of Depths.

At the gate to Gyala Hatchery, we found some starfish that have been trapped for 200 years.

Without my friend Zetta, I would have to explore this area all alone. So I thanked him very much for coming along and making the trip easier. Hopefully in the next couple of days, I can attract more adventurers to help me.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items, one monk tome, one elementalist tome
Outposts: Seafarer’s Rest, Aurios Mines
Exits: Gyala Hatchery
Friends: So Zetta S.