May 172010

It has been awhile since I last checked on the Shining Blade camp, so I left the Temple of Ages again to pay the new recruits a visit. To my surprise, one of the Ebon Falcon forces: Lawrence Crafton accompanied me in The Black Curtain, on my way to Talmark Wilderness. He is an air elementalist, and unlike Headmaster Vhang I can actually tolerate him!

At the Shining Blade camp, Captain Langmar and Lieutenant Kieran Thackeray were training the new recruits.

I frequently checked up on the camp, in hopes of hearing new information about the war in Kryta.
On one occasion, a student inquired if the lieutenant had a “sweetheart back home”. Thackeray didn’t mention Gwen, but it was obvious from his body language that she was on his mind.

The next day, Captain Langmar and Bartholos watched Thackeray as he taught a different recruit how to stay focused during battle.

On the third day, Bartholos updated us on a report that the White Mantle were spotted in Kessex Peak. After some debate, Lieutenant Thackeray convinced his superiors that he should go investigate with two new recruits. This information makes me want to investigate the area as well, but I will wait until I hear back from the lieutenant.

I was very surprised to see Thackeray back at the Shining Blade camp so soon. He had been away for less than a day and to our amazement, gathered his information by simply asking a White Mantle inquisitor! Our enemies were amassing in Divinity Coast, Watchtower Coast, and Temple of the Unseen. The news shocked Bartholos, he couldn’t believe that Thackeray didn’t get himself killed asking the enemies for information.

I wanted to check out Watchtower Coast and Kessex Peak to observe the White Mantle for myself. So I asked a friend to meet me in Lion’s Arch Keep. While waiting on him, I listened to three old men and their tall tales.

First we traveled to the Watchtower Coast and encountered one of the Peacekeeper’s leaders. Minea the Obscene was right outside the town of Beetletun with a group of Peacekeepers. Fighting this new type of enemy can sometimes pose a problem for me, because they have a well structured party.

Akela X. and I fought our way to the coast and found not only Peacekeepers but also White Mantle waiting for us. I found it odd that some of our foes knew skills and techniques not native to Tyria. Our enemy must have trainers from Cantha and Elona helping work against us.

Next we made our way to Kessex Peak and found more White Mantle waiting for us shortly after getting to the area. Salma may have control over Lion’s Arch, but our enemies are gathering just outside her doorstep. Snakebite helped us fight our way through the wilderness.

Deep into Kessex Peak, we fought and killed a White Mantle officer: Justicar Amilyn. Unfortunately, I doubt her death will either be significant or permanent. I had hoped to learn of Confessor Isaiah’s whereabouts but was unsuccessful. If only I could locate and kill him, maybe the tide would turn and this war could end.

~ 1079 A.E.
Friends: Akela X.