May 142010

In an unexpected turn of events, Princess Salma along with her Shining Blade force have retaken Lion’s Arch. This is very exciting and I rushed to Kryta’s capital to visit her and see the new changes.

Upon arriving in Lion’s Arch, I noticed a new guard standing near the previously inaccessible gate that leads to a huge tower. Because of my status as an adventurer and supporter of Salma, they let me through the gate. A new flag hangs inside Salma’s court; a golden griffon with one paw raised, replacing the White Mantle’s symbol.

Captain Langmar and Lieutenant Keiran Thackeray were talking to Princess Salma about their status in Kryta. Unfortunately Evennia has not received King Adelbern’s approval yet so they cannot do much to help her. I have tried to find Evennia in Ascalon but was unable to locate her. It’s too bad that she did not request my assistance because I would have made her trip safer and quicker.

When the Ebon Vanguards were finished talking, I knelt before Princess Salma and pledged to do whatever it takes to keep her on the throne. As of writing this, she has yet to request my help or direct me to a conflict with the White Mantle. Knowing that war is imminent, I will keep training myself to stay sharp.

Atop the highest portion of her court that I could go, the view is wonderful. I’ve never seen Lion’s Arch quite like this before.

I could even see the point where Ascalonian’s fought to gain entry into Lion’s Arch.

It was very exciting to run around and talk with everyone I meet. Lionguards and Shining Blade troops work together to ensure the restoration of Kryta’s royal line. Although a few guards I spoke to said they felt a bit “exposed” being in plain sight of everyone now. This made me ponder about where the White Mantle have fled.

I also decided to seek out Zinn’s new lair, which is somewhere in Shaemoor. When I departed from the Temple of Ages, Scout Melthoran greeted me and suggest that I change into my Shining Blade garb. The White Mantle’s whereabouts are unknown and he hinted that the Shining Blade are still in the shadows of Kryta, actively seeking out the Unseen One’s spies. If I were to make my allegiance known then I would not be confused with the enemy.

The last time I found Zinn, Blimm, Livia and G.O.X. together, I followed them to this spot. So it was only natural that on closer examination, a secret passage became apparent.

The passage goes through a crack in the rocks. Luckily I didn’t tear my nice new Shining Blade uniform while I squeezed through.

It is very strange and somewhat unsettling to see a huge golem walk freely in Kryta. When I attempted to lay some traps nearby where I entered Shaemoor to prevent any spies following me, they failed instantly. Whatever Zinn is doing here, the effect prevents me from using my advanced skills. The closer I got to the new Asura station, the more weakened I felt.

When I asked him about the dampening field that suppressed my actions he did not even respond to me. After walking around a bit, he mumbled to himself about dreaming the impossible. I’m not sure that Zinn should be anywhere near civilization. I fear for Kryta and what Zinn and Blimm may create.

Beyond a golem, I spotted Blimm extracting blue light from a Seer! I do not know if this is being done to the creature willfully or not. My only speculation is that the “extraction” is to infuse their golems, but perhaps something more sinister is going on here.

~ 1079 A.E.