May 082010

During my patrols of Kryta, I often return back to Princess Salma to report my findings and listen to her advice. When war first broke out, everyone was on edge. As time passed, some adventurers became less worried about a potential war and went on with their lives. However Salma has reassured me that something will happen and it’s only a matter of time.

Occasionally I see guards coming to the camp and alerting Salma of troubles. The news they bring is never good, and usually involves the death of someone.

It was only a matter of time before Princess Salma sent Livia and Evennia out into the world in search of allies. The Shining Blade have a lot of recruits, but if they intend to overtake Lion’s Arch then they will need much more help. I pointed out that there may still be some Mursaat helping the White Mantle, and that only people who have infused armor can ever hope to defeat them. Just because the White Mantle try to present themselves as honroable in justice, does not mean they will “play” nice with us. If anything, I expect some very dirty tactics.

When I left the Temple of Ages after meeting with some friends there, I found Shadow and Carlotta outside waiting for me. Upon seeing her, I decided that now was a good a time as any to visit Princess Salma again. To my delight, Shadow joined my party and helped us fight to the Talmark Wilderness exit. I watched my new allies fight with us, and noticed that Carlotta attacked the enemies in the style of an assassin. I wish my pet phoenix had that much skill. Before walking into Talmark Wilderness she told me that one time Carlotta slept on Snakebite’s chest and when he awoke let out a scream that made Shadow giggle.

After the Trial of Zinn, the outlaw and his friend Blimm wandered the wilderness before Livia found and recruited them. With Livia’s task of finding allies complete, she escorted them back to the Shining Blade Camp (along with G.O.X.). Understandably Princess Salma did not want their assistance at first, but caved when Livia promised she would handle all the dirty work. With a new friendship formed, Livia, Zinn, Blimm, and G.O.X. headed to the crypts of Shaemoor. Personally I can only see this ending in disaster, but maybe things will pan out.

Lastly, I found Evennia outside the Eye of the North. Her first stop was not in Ascalon to speak with King Adelbern, but to ask Captain Langmar for help first. It’s no secret that King Adelbern does not want to help Kryta and I can’t blame him. When as anyone returned to help the ruins of Ascalon? The answer is never. With the except of driving out some Titans and helping defeat the Charr in the north, nothing has been done to restore Ascalon.

It took Evennia a good while to persuade Captain Langmar to help them. The agreement was to send a small group of elite forces to help train more Shining Blade forces. Among those going, Captain Langmar and Lieutenant Keiran Thackeray will set off for Kryta immediately while Evennia travels to Ascalon and consults King Adelbern for more help. With an agreement made, everyone headed back into the Eye of the North to prepare themselves for a long journey. I did not want to eavesdrop but Thackeray and Gwen had an awkward moment where they locked eyes and in her weakness did not wish him farewell (or speak of anything dear to her heart). As Thackeray walked into the outpost, I turned back and noticed that poor Gwen was crying. I thought about comforting her, but knew that she would not feel well having me see her in a time of weakness.

~ 1079 A.E.