May 022010

Lately I have spent most of my time following up on tips the Shining Blade has given me in order to keep a close eye on the war in Kryta. Before the rise of this conflict I spent my days looking over my epic diary: A Tyrian Odyssey and fine tuning older passages. So even though I despise having to fight in another war, I do enjoy helping others as best I can.

Unfortunately the tip I received earlier today was not delivered soon enough, as I was too late to save poor Farmer Milton from High Inquisitor Toriimo. When I arrived on the scene his “trial” was already underway and just as I was in reach of the High Inquisitor they set Milton on fire. What fiends! To make the situation worse, it was decided that the destruction would not end with one man’s life. No, the entire village would burn down and those close to Farmer Milton (including the cowardly Layman Josef) were to be eliminated.

With the aid of my hired help and side kicks I lay down my own kind of justice and quickly disposed of the Peacekeepers. Layman Josef just stood nearby Farmer Milton’s corpse with a smug grin on his face. When I threatened him and shouted, “his blood is on your hands!” he refused to see the error of his ways and replied “You expect thanks? From me? Ha! The unseen Ones protect me. Me! Not a bunch of traitorous heathens! Don’t think I won’t report you to the authorities the first chance I get!”.

Why can he so blindly trust the White Mantle and the Mursaat? His lack of compassion and greed for a fellow Krytan resulted in a needless death.

The next tips I received led me to the Watchtower Coast, where I found some Peacekeepers blocking the road. In a very sarcastic manner they asked for my “papers” and when I refused to hand anything over they attacked me. I am sure they had already intended to do so before hand, seeing as how I was in my Shining Blade garb.

Then onward to North Kryta Province, where just after meeting another group of Peacekeepers blocking my way, I found more trouble. Farmer Dirk was being harassed by Inquisitor Bauer and more Peacekeepers. They were trying to get him to reveal where the Shining Blade were hiding, but Dirk lied and convinced Bauer that they were in Scoundrel’s Rise. With this knowledge he took off in search for the Shining Blade and had his goons attack us. Obviously they were no match for me.

Also in North Kryta Province I checked up on Captain Greywind, also being questioned by more Peacekeepers. Even though no words were exchanged, they spoke through body language. When it was decided that Captain Greywind would not reveal important information, we were attacked. I stood by my Ascalonian friend and lay waste to the Peacekeepers.

Lastly I traveled to Scoundrel’s Rest to confront Inquisitor Bauer, who I found threatening Camryn Jamison. She refused to tell him anything, which didn’t stop Bauer from jumping to some truly strange conclusions about Mergoyles helping the Shining Blade. When they spotted me they turned hostile and tried to kill me. Just as I finished them off and almost defeated Bauer, he evaded us and fled into the nearby outpost.

Things must be getting near an all out war in Kryta, why else would they be harassing their own people in this way. It is hard for me to believe that true followers of Saul D’Alessio would do this. Perhaps there is a great divide within the White Mantle hierarchy, and this is the result of of it.

~ 1079 A.E.