Apr 202010

With the knowledge that “Peacekeepers” were aiding the White Mantle in disposing of my allies the Shining Blade, I began my hunt for them in earnest. Firstly I went to the Temple of Ages where I paid my respects to Princess Salma and asked if she had any information regarding these troublemakers. She informed me that these Peacekeepers have been causing problems for the people of Kryta and asked me if I had seen Brother Mizar, as she wanted to speak with him before she left.

Right outside of the Temple of Ages I found Brother Mizar, along with Greves the Overbearing. For me I knew that it was only a matter of time before a fight would break out, but I was surprised that they would go to the trouble of coming all the way to this popular outpost. I happen to know people who goto said outpost and have taken down much larger foes than a White Mantle guard! *laughs*

After insulting our (real) gods and threatening to kill Brother Mizar, the Peacekeepers were instructed to fight us. The three of them were taken care of before they could harm us, but it made me wonder if next time I would be so lucky. How much more time is going to pass before they amass an army and actually kill not only Shining Blade members but also civilians.

Next I traveled to Bergen Hotsprings to relax a bit and then headed outside into Nebo Terrance to do a bit more investigating. To the north, I found Farmer Milton being harassed by more Peacekeepers and a White Mantle Zealout. That is until I stepped in and protected the farmer by laying waste to them. From what I understand of their conversation, someone by the name of Layman Josef wanted his land and reported him for “Anti-Krytan Behavior”. What a sick human being.

Finally my last patrol of the area lead me to the Watchtower Coast. I encountered some Peacekeepers immediately, along with a single drake. If they keep flowing into Kryta at this rate, surely more adventurers will have to stand up to them or all of Kryta will face a bleak future.

While being held up in battle, by the time I reached Farmer Fanella it was too late. They took the profits of his last crops and leisurely walked away. When I caught up to Fanella he begged me to stay quiet, else they would return.

Sometimes I try very hard to see both sides of an argument, or why perhaps one would put trust in the White Mantle. However I trust my eyes more than any rhetoric they care to spew out. If they truly wanted to change Kryta for the better then they would not resort to these tactics.

~ 1079 A.E.