Apr 162010

I first heard rumors about a Shining Blade camp in the outskirts of Kryta about two weeks ago. So I packed my things and traveled there to investigate these rumors.

Listening to some tips I started exploring the (location removed for their safety) again and nearby the village I found earlier there were Shining Blade guards at a bridge. They recognized me as a hero and ally of the Shining Blade and were happy to let me in their camp.

Moments later I arrived at the makeshift camp and was blown away at the size of it. I was expecting something much smaller, but this is a really large setup. Surely the Shining Blade must be very serious about the state of affairs in Kryta at the moment.

They have even set aside space for training new recruits on how to fight and defend themselves from the White Mantle.

In front of a grand tent I found all of my Shining Blade friends: Livia, Bartholos, Princess Salma, and others. I greeted them and pledged myself to their cause, asking if I could help in any way. They were happy to have my support and Princess Salma presented me with a Shining Blade Uniform to wear, as well as White Mantle Robes in case I needed to infiltrate their defenses.*

All of this talk about war in kryta makes me feel like being back in Cantha, and having to choose between the Kurzicks and the Luxons. In both cases I wish that staying out of the conflict were an option, but somehow I aways feel compelled to participate. The Shining Blade are by no means perfect nor do I fully agree with their methods, but in my opinion they are the lesser evil. Why can’t both sides agree to something reasonable?

~ 1079 A.E.

*OOC: I bought this online, she doesn’t really give it to you for free.