Nov 192010

Gwen and I traveled to the Ice Tooth Cave and left immediately to search for Keiran outside in Anvil Rock. Thankfully I had at least enough time to change into something a bit warmer.

We found Keiran running down from the top of the “anvil” and Gwen rushed towards him. I stepped back to give them some room, but staying within earshot to make sure I didn’t have to rush Keiran to a priest or anything serious.

I think Keiran was quite shocked to see Gwen so happy. They had so much to talk about, but Keiran insisted that they go back home and discuss it there. The man needs to rest, and I don’t blame him for not wanting to chit chat out in the cold with sore bones and seeping wounds.

I met with Gwen in the Eye of the North to accept her reward in helping bring back Keiran. The thought did cross my mind that they might want a moment to themselves but I figured the lieutenant would have rested a bit first.
Moments after Gwen rewarded me, Keiran walked in slowly and greeted us. I asked if I should leave, but he said it was alright if I stay.

Keiran started talking about his journey and how it changed him. Then, quite suddenly he popped the question!

Gwen was really surprised and didn’t know what to say at first. But she finally said yes and went on to say that “Someone has to take care of you.”

This has to be the most touching moment I’ve come to witness so far. I can’t wait to tell all of my friends and attend the wedding!

Just as I was starting to tear with joy and Keiran said he wanted to stay at Gwen’s side, she ordered him to leave and take a shower. The smell of battle insulted Gwen’s nose and she didn’t want her beloved to look dirty for the wedding service. Keiran was most shocked when she also demanded that he not tie up his hair in a “stupid ponytail” as well.

He dashed out of the room to clean up and probably shout at the top of his lungs the good news!